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Cancellation and Transfer

If you want to cancel your test or request a transfer of the IELTS test, you must do this at least five weeks prior to the scheduled test date

  1. You must complete a cancellation/transfer request form and post us the original paper copy or bring it into our office
  2. Cancellations:
         - You will receive a full refund minus an administrative fee 
  3. Transfer requests:
         - You must pay an administrative fee along with your application form.
         - Once the transfer application has been approved for the selected test date, you                           will be granted a transfer.
         - Placement at a future test date depends on availability.
         - Please note that candidates are only allowed to transfer their test date once within                 three months of the original test date.

In order to cancel your test or request a transfer within five weeks of the test date
for medical reasons:
      - You must provide supporting medical evidence in the form within five working days of                 the test date.
      - Only evidence of serious illness of hospital admission or serious injury will be considered.
      - Only original medical certificates will be accepted.
      - The medical certificate must state your inability to appear for the test on the scheduled              test date.

due to the bereavement of a close family member or hardship/trauma:
      - Valid evidence is required for an exemption to be made. Please contact our centre for                    further information.

for any reason other than a medical issue, bereavement or hardship/trauma:
      - You will not be eligible to receive a refund. 

What to do

  1. Download the  IELTS Cancellation/Transfer form (PDF 162KB) and complete it in full 
  2. Send it to us along with the appropriate documents and/or evidence no later than five working days after the test date via e-mail AND in post/in person.
    - We must have the original cancellation form and accompanying documentation within five working days—an email copy is not enough.
  3. Documents accepted include a medical certificate from a qualified medical practitioner, a death certificate or a police report.