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The Canberra Centenary Typeface Design Competition

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The AUD$10, 000 Canberra Centenary Typeface Design Competition

Canberra Centenary Typface Competition
2013 Entries Gallery
Canberra Centenary Typface Competition
2013 Entries Gallery

Congratulations James Raftopoulos 2013 Winner

Grand Prize Winner

James Raftopoulos James Raftopoulos is an Australian graphic designer and image maker based in Melbourne. He primarily focuses on visual communication within the fields of brand identity, publication design, and art direction. James approaches work with particular sensitivity to typographic treatment, whilst also ensuring a visually engaging, and culturally informed aesthetic result. James believes that good design distills what is complex, giving anyone the opportunity to explore big ideas and become engaged in a brand story, physical environment, or virtual landscape.

In addition to his Visual Communication studies at RMIT, James has a diverse educational and occupational background having studied Commerce and Arts at the University of Melbourne, and having worked within the financial sector for the National Bank (NAB). This experience has uniquely informed his design and allowed for a deeper understanding into the creative needs of the corporate sphere and how business values design.


Alex Kaczun Alex Kaczun, accomplished type designer and founder of Type Innovations, has over three decades of experience in typography, graphic design, desktop publishing and web development. He was commissioned by Harvard University to create a Greek typeface for their Loeb Classical libraries, and during an ad campaign for Verizon wireless, Alex developed a family of fonts for Bell Atlantic Mobile.

Much of Alex's career was spent at the premier type foundry, Linotype-Hell, where he was the principal type designer and worked on many font projects aimed at modernizing the Linotype Library. His many typeface revivals included Dwiggins Electra and New Caledonia, Ruzicka?s Fairfield and M. Fahrenwaldt's Minister font series. He later worked as Type Director for Bozell Worldwide Advertising and afterwards as a graphic artist for Doubleday Books-Bookspan, in Garden City, NY.

Currently, Alex works from home as a freelance consultant, allowing him to pursue his passion for type design and developing new and innovative fonts. His new typeface designs can be viewed at:

Canberra is the capital city of Australia. It is situated in the Australian Capital Territory and is home to Australia’s Federal Government, its administrative agencies, the diplomatic community and five universities. Every year millions of words are promulgated in this city and published in traditional and electronic media across the country and around the world.

It seems logical therefore that our Centenary should celebrate one of the most essential skills exhibited by this city’s government ministers, politicians, apparatchiki, judiciary, reporters, commentators, spin doctors, advertisers and image builders – namely the art of offering thought provoking communication using the awesome power of the printed word.

Every year Canberra produces a myriad of legislation, policy pronouncements, adversarial debate,information, character assassinations, in-depth articles, anguished denials, advertising, press releases, blogs and tweets. Pouring persuasion and passion into print in both e-ware and tree-ware* is a Canberra art-form.

However despite the plethora of printed words, our city has no exclusive and definitive Canberra typeface.

To remedy this, the University of Canberra has launched The Canberra Centenary Typeface Design Competition - an international challenge to capture the style, spirit, prestige and character of Australia’s capital city.

The winning design, which will receive a Grand Prize of AUD$10,000, will be selected by a jury of distinguished Typographers and Designers.

This competition is endorsed by the Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA). This endorsement has resulted in some changes to the design brief and terms and conditions published on the web in April 2013.

The University thanks the AGDA for their contribution to this significant competition.

PegrumJudd is a sponsor of the University of Canberra Centenary participation program.

* Electronic based and Paper based communication

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