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The Academic Staff Development program provides leadership in coordinating educational development that builds and maintains excellence in teaching capability of academic staff.

The web pages on this section of the Teaching and Learning Centre site contain information about activities, programs, resources and workshops that support this objective.

The teaching capability of academic staff is closely associated with good teaching.

Our understanding of good teachers is that they:

a) are committed, accessible and knowledgeable

b) clarify student expectations about the course, assessment, university rules, staff access and grievances

c) respect students' ability to learn by providing guidance and self study materials

d) provide clear course/unit goals and outcomes and an appropriate variety of interactive, practice oriented and problem based learning methods that link to assessment methods

e) provide alternative perspectives on content and relevant social and professional contexts in teaching

f) stimulate intellectual challenges suitable for the level of the student

g) provide learning based on explicit and up to date research on the capabilities that will be most needed in the early years or practice in the specific discipline or profession concerned

h) address the close relationship between theory and practice in the context of the changing nature of professional knowledge

i) design consistent and integrated assessment based on real world problems and what counts for early career success with prompt and constructive feedback

j) acknowledge the social and collaborative nature of learning in their methods and assessment.