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Sport Design and Technology

Sport Design Sport Design and Technology specialises in four research areas: Sport Design, Biomechanics, Sports Analytics and Human-Centred Technology. 

Sport Design

In Sport Design, our core expertise is in product design, industrial design and engineering.

We take a used-centred approach and apply our extensive understanding of human factors to make products that function well and integrate seamlessly with the user.

We apply our knowledge of materials and manufacturing to design for the complete range of production processes; from low-run bespoke design work through to high volume manufacture. We use a range of specialist tools such as 3D parametric computer aided design software which we apply to digital subtractive-additive technologies to aid in the manufacture of prototypes.


Our SportsTek Laboratory is equipped to perform sophisticated measurements in both laboratory and field settings. This enables us to measure the action of external and internal forces on the human body or on equipment being used in certain physical activities. The Biomechanics group also determines the stresses and strains experienced by the musculoskeletal system during exercise. We assess the validity, reliability and useability of sport and exercise equipment, as well as equipment used in various occupational settings, for example, by defence forces and emergency services.

Examples of projects are:

  • Effects of firefighting boots on lower body and lumbar mechanics during landing and gait (ACT Fire & Rescue).
  • Forensic examination of damage to textiles during stabbing: upper body mechanics (Australian Federal Police).
  • The dynamic architecture of the hamstring complex: an investigation into its influence on injury and performance (Australian Institute of Sport, Brumbies Rugby, Australian National University).

Sports Analytics

Our aim is to deliver innovative and bespoke analytical tools that facilitate the monitoring of human activity and behaviour in sporting, recreational and occupational settings. Our expertise in sports analytics is primarily in the use of automated player-tracking technology and related customised software programming solutions. We take an interdisciplinary approach to the application of both field and laboratory-based technologies to deliver projects that require a complex analysis of sports and human activity.

Human-Centred Technology

The UCRISE Human-Centred Technology group has expertise in:

  • E-research
  • Computational modelling of affect and behaviour
  • Pattern recognition
  • Computer vision
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Human-computer interaction
  • Wireless sensor networks
  • Multimodal signal processing
  • Robotics

In UCRISE our research is applied to: athlete health and wellbeing, team sport behaviour analysis, sports performance analysis and modelling, video analysis, 3D movement analysis, predictive modelling, and data analytics.

Our aim is to provide technological solutions to assist coaches and athletes at all levels manage their performance, health and wellbeing.