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High Performance Sport and Exercise

High Performance SportUCRISE is committed to advancing knowledge in high performance sport. Many UCRISE staff members have been trained and employed in the high performance sport sector supporting elite athletes in Olympic, Paralympic and professional sporting teams. Some have also held senior administrative roles within elite sporting organisations, such as the Australian Institute of Sport and the English Institute of Sport.  

High Performance Sport Research Centre

The High Performance Sport Research Centre undertakes projects which combine University of Canberra expertise in sports management, science, medicine, design and technology, with that of external partners. These include: the Australian Institute of Sport, the Australian Sports Commission, the ACT Academy of Sport, the Queensland Academy of Sport, national sporting organisations (such as Swimming Australia and Rowing Australia) and professional sports clubs (such as Brumbies Super XV rugby). By bringing together interdisciplinary research teams, the High Performance Sport Research Centre combines expertise in multiple academic disciplines to address real-world problems in areas including athlete support and preparation, as well as high performance sport administration. Read more about the High Performance Sport Research Centre.

Rugby and Football Research Centre

Brumbies player squatting

The Rugby and Football Research Centre combines experts in sports science, medicine and sports management with external partners to investigate best practice in rugby and football codes. The close connection between UCRISE, the Brumbies Super XV rugby team and the Canberra United "W league" women's football team are examples of rugby and football partnerships which have led to applied research projects. Read more about the Rugby and Football Research Centre.

Olympic Winter Sports Institute Research Centre

Alex Pullings snowboarding

The Olympic Winter Sports Institute Research Centre, based at the University of Canberra, is a research collaboration between the Olympic Winter Institute, the Australian Institute of Sport and the University of Canberra. The Centre supports and services Australia's winter sports athletes in their pursuit of medals at World Championships and Olympic Games, as well as supporting sport researchers at the University of Canberra. The research includes sports medicine, sports science, coaching science, strength and conditioning and sports design projects.

Occupational Performance Science Group

The UCRISE Occupational Performance Science Special Interest Group (OPS group) is comprised of UCRISE researchers and consultants with relevant expertise and a particular interest in the science of human performance in occupational settings. The aim of the OPS Group is to develop occupational solutions for military personnel and first responders by conducting targeted research and providing evidence-driven consultancy services. Recent OPS group projects include:

  • Acceleration forces on the head during jet fighter training flights
  • A comparison of body composition assessments in an urban fire and rescue cohort to determine best practice
  • Development of a biomechanical model of muscle-tendon loads on the cervical spine for aircrew wearing helmets with helmet-mounted masses.

Click here to read more about the OPS Group