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Core Themes

N&MRC investigates the evolution of media, content and communication and the impact of online and mobile systems. The work of the Centre encompasses:

We are the leading institute in Australia that studies the impact of digital technologies on news media and journalism. Members combine expertise in journalism, media and digital media to investigate the history and future of news media and journalistic practice. We undertake and disseminate state-of-the-art social research focused on the consequences of news and news production, including emerging news and information digital platforms, by examining the historical, cultural, social, political and technological factors that shape the planning for, gathering, selection, and presentation of news and mediated public communication in a variety of formats and media;

  • Digital News Report
  • Digital innovations in news production, distribution and consumption
  • Entrepreneurship in news media
  • Social media and journalistic practice
  • Crisis in news, journalism and democracy

We study media systems within the context of political and social environment at local, national and global level. The history, design, markets and regulation of traditional and emerging media that influence and are influenced by public discourse are one of our core themes of research. Research on public opinion, diffusion of controversies, information processing of citizens, political systems and media institutions is at that heart of this research stream.

Our research promotes and encourages informed public debate on the role and performance of news and media in contemporary society.

  • Public discourse studies
  • Political communication strategies
  • Social media and diplomacy
  • Indigenous media and policymaking
  • Participatory media, activism, campaigns and controversies
  • Media institutions and industries
  • Digital literacy and inclusion

Our approach to everyday cultures is based on recognising the power of media, communication and new technologies in constructing, maintaining, and changing cultures. We explore complex relationships between media and communication practices in our daily lives including health, media, civic and social life.

  • Health, physical activities, digital technologies and media
  • Media use, consumption, sharing and creation
  • Democratisation of information and new communication cultures
  • People’s personal and small data practices
  • Gender and media
  • Conflict and incivility
  • Space, mobility and work