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Dr Wendy Bonython

Assistant Professor
School of Law & Justice
Highest Qualification - PhD/JD
HDR Completions – 0  

Contact Details
Phone No.: +61 (0) 2 6201


The unifying theme of my research is the legal relationship between private and public entities, and innovation. This principally takes two forms: examining the relationship between public law and technologies, particularly regulation of biotechnologies; and the relationship between private law (principally torts) and innovation, both legal and technological. Human rights, ethics, and human dignity are a particular focus of my research. Topics of specific interest include: mental health, intellectual disability and capacity; genetic privacy; propertisation of biological materials and data; health sector regulation and litigation; Research ethics; regulation of medical technologies; and traditional torts, particularly negligence, nuisance, and trespass. I am also interested in the historical development of present day torts principles, and the developing relationship between torts law and statute, and torts law and international law.

  • Bonython, W.E., Arnold, B. (2016) 'When statutory powers distract: involuntary detention and treatment laws, and liability for harm', Monash University Law Review (in press);
  • Bonython, W.E., Arnold, B. (2016) 'Beyond the corporeal: extending propertisation of body parts to derivative information', Journal of Law and Medicine (in press);
  • Ryan, T., Henderson, A, and Bonython, W.E. (2016) 'Voting with an 'Unsound mind'? A comparative study of the voting rights of persons with mental disabilities', UNSW Law Journal 39(3) (in press);
  • Bonython, W.E., and Arnold, B. (2013) 'Disclosure Downunder: misadventures in Australian genetic privacy law', Journal of Medical Ethics 40(3), 168-172.

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Wendy is available for a HDR supervision consultation to prospective students.

Areas of Research Interest

  • Health and biotechnology law
  • Torts law
  • Mental health and capacity law
  • Research ethics

Research Methods of Interest

  • Archival/historical research
  • Doctrinal
  • Empirical