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2016 Survey Results


11th July 2017 – Find out about the wellbeing of carers living in regional Australia. Our ‘Carers in Regional Australia’ report is now available here.

20th June 2017 – Read about ‘NSW rural women’s challenges & ideas for action’ in the Communique from the 2016 NSW Rural Women’s Gathering in Broken Hill, which we developed in partnership with the NSW Rural Women’s Network. Access the snapshot here, and the full report here.’

Data Tables

You can download detailed tables of results from the 2016 Regional Wellbeing Survey, reported for every local community and region in which we received a large enough number of responses. You can download data for local government areas, Regional Development Australia regions. Data for Natural Resource Management (NRM) regions will be available shortly.

Look at results by Regional Development Australia region and local government area

Look at results by Local Land Services and Natural Resource Management regions