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2014 Survey Results

The 2014 Regional Wellbeing Survey report was launched by Professor Frances Shannon at the Regional Cooperation and Development Forum in Canberra on 14 June 2015.


Download the Dairy Farmer Wellbeing 2014 (1Mb PDF)

Download the second report: Farmers and Agriculture (7Mb PDF)

Download the first report: People and Communities: the 2014 Regional Wellbeing Survey (7Mb PDF)

Data Tables

You can download detailed tables of results from our first report, reported for every local community in which we received more than 100 responses. You will be able to download data for local government areas (where we have enough responses), Regional Development Australia regions and for Natural Resource Management regions.

Look at results by Regional Development Australia region and local government area

Coming soon

October 2015 – check back to download our environment and natural resource management report which looks at how rural and regional Australians are engaging in environmental and natural resource management, how they feel about their landscape and environmental health, and how they spend time outdoors.