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Survey results and reports

13th November 2017 – Does participating in activities that improve the health of your land also support your wellbeing? Find out in our new report examining the experiences of landholders in the Riverina region of NSW, available here.

11th July 2017 – Does your community have a high quality of life compared to other parts of Australia? Data from the 2016 Regional Wellbeing Survey is now available for every community from which we received more than 100 responses. Access the data tables here.

11th July 2017 – Find out about the wellbeing of carers living in regional Australia. Our ‘Carers in Regional Australia’ report is available here.

20th June 2017 – What are the challenges facing women living in rural and regional NSW? Access our report on examining ‘NSW rural women’s challenges & ideas for action’, developed in partnership with the NSW Rural Women’s Network. Access the snapshot here, and the full report here.


Who’s using Regional Wellbeing Survey data?

An increasing number of organisations are drawing on data from the Regional Wellbeing Survey. Their reports are looking at quality of life, wellbeing, and changes occurring in rural and regional communities. Here are a few of the reports available now (please let us know about others so we can add them to this list):

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