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CeRAPH - China Research Collaboration

This international collaboration agreement between the University of Canberra and the China National Health Development Research Centre (CNHDRC) will provide opportunity to support strategic research of mutual benefit and will facilitate knowledge sharing and capacity building.

The China National Health Development Research Centre in Beijing is the national think tank providing advice to health policy makers in the country. The Centre is directly under the leadership of the Ministry of Health (MOH) and its mission is to conduct policy research on health development and reform and provide policy recommendations for policy-makers.

Several collaborative research projects are now underway including;

  • Examining challenges of health system transition and development, including ageing, urbanisation and technological change
  • Comparing health efficiency within China and with other countries.
  • Estimating the burden of non-communicable disease and Health Costs

Several staff exchange visits between the two organisations have been undertaken and Tiemin Zhai from the CNHDRC will be joining CeRAPH on secondment in July 2014 to commence his PhD in the area of "Health projection expenditure in China".

Research team: