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UC-ACT Regional Health Observatory

The UC-ACT Regional Health Observatory has been established to respond to local and regional needs in addressing the burden of chronic disease and influencing public policy in favour of better health and wellbeing for all. The observatory is a key element of the research program at the Centre for Research and Action in Public Health (CeRAPH) and will help support the prevention of chronic disease and the promotion of a healthier Australian Capital Territory Region.


The observatory aims to support those working to improve public health by:

  • Reducing health inequalities.
  • Producing and disseminating health intelligence.
  • Strengthening research evidence for policy and practice.


  • Act as a source of expertise in health intelligence, indicator development and inequalities measurement and catalyst for population health improvement
  • Advise on methods of evaluation and health impact
  • Develop an online, searchable collection of aggregated data sets together with interactive presentation tools and spatial mapping capability
  • Mortality and disease modelling and cost
  • Facilitate the translation of health intelligence into evidence-informed policy and practice and increase co-research capacity, between academics, policy makers, practitioners and Non-Government Organisations.

The observatory is able to help turn data into meaningful health intelligence to increase its availability and usefulness at a local level. We have expertise to conduct statistical analysis on and interpretation of a wide range of population-based data related to health, including social determinants, behaviours and lifestyle, disease prevalence and health outcomes. Our thematic focus will be on;

  • Chronic disease in particular cardiovascular disease
  • Healthy weight (physical activity and healthy eating)
  • Impact of the environment (built and natural) on health

Contact: Professor Rachel Davey
Phone: +61 2 6201 5359