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Centre for Research and Action in Public Health

Professional Short Course in Geo-Spatial Health

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Health and wellbeing throughout the lifespan

Research in this area focuses on health and wellbeing (physical/mental) across the lifespan and the complex interaction of factors that determine healthy living for people of all ages and abilities. Health and wellbeing are influenced by a complex mix of biological, environmental, social, economic, psychological and cultural factors throughout life. A key goal is to understand the contribution and interaction of the determinants that shape health across the life course and to develop strategies and interventions to improve and promote good health for all. Emphasis is placed, particularly, on multi-disciplinary translational research and the application into practice and health policy. Research includes epidemiological and intervention approaches to test findings or theories in the ‘real world’. There are five programs of work in areas related to:

  • Prevention of non-communicable disease
  • Burden of disease modelling and costs
  • Healthy and sustainable urban communities
  • Natural resource management and wellbeing
  • Health services research and evaluation