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Our Research

All research in the CCCR aims to align with one or more of our research themes.

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The Centre also has two Flagship Programs. Programs are a focused area of collaborative research activity committed to outreach and engagement.

Flagship programs

International Poetry Studies Institute (IPSI)

IPSI conducts research related to poetry and publishes and promulgates the outcomes of this research internationally. IPSI aims to develop new communities of poetry and to make new links between poets wherever they are. It aims to celebrate the complexity and variety of poetry and, while doing so, to bring poetry to the attention of as wide an audience as possible.

Future Heritage

The Future Heritage program recognises heritage as a rapidly evolving field of contemporary cultural practices. It focuses on research that maps and describes changing forms of practice and participation, and on practical collaborations with cultural institutions and communities that conserve and enliven tangible and intangible heritage and build new forms of heritage.

The following 'labs' sit under the banner of Future Heritage: