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IPSI news

IPSI Symposia 2016

IPSI is co-presenting two symposia this June in the UK.

The first, 'Make Every Word Hurt: Prose poetry, the lyric and creative culture', is hosted by the University of Winchester, 16 June, 9.30am–4pm (contact: Andrew.Melrose).

The second, 'Creative Writing and Creative Culture', is hosted by York St John University (pictured above), 9.30am–4.30pm (contact: JT Welsch).

Both symposia will be followed by evening reading events.

Participants: Katharine Coles (University of Utah); Owen Bullock, Monica Carroll, Paul Hetherington, Paul Munden, Shane Strange, Jen Webb (University of Canberra); Tom Masters, Julian Stannard (University of Winchester); Naomi Booth, Kimberley Campanello, John Hughes, Helen Pleasance, JT Welsch (York St John University). 

New IPSI podcast: Poetry on the Move, Episode 1

IPSI has just released Episode 1 of its new Poetry on the Move podcast. In this episode Shane Strange talks to the editors of Axon: Creative Explorations about the latest issue, 'The Poetics of Collaboration'. There is poetry from Iggy McGovern, and Owen Bullock talks to Jen Crawford about her latest book, Koel.

Listen to the podcast and subscribe to future episodes.

Young Poets Awards 2016

For a second year, IPSI is administering these awards, sponsored by the Dean, Faculty of Arts & Design, University of Canberra.

The Young Poets Awards are open to all Year 11 and Year 12 students in the ACT and NSW. The awards seek to encourage young poets and to reward imaginative, well-crafted poems with a distinctive voice.

The awards will be presented at the University of Canberra Open Day on Saturday 27 August 2016 by Professor Lyndon Anderson, Dean, Faculty of Arts and Design. Winners will be invited to attend the IPSI Poetry on the Move festival where they will be invited to read their poems at the final, celebratory event.

First prize $500
Second prize $250
Third prizes (x5) of $50

The winning entries will also be published on the IPSI website.

The Awards will open for submissions on 1 May 2016 and close on 15 August, at 5pm. There is no restriction on theme or style but poems must not exceed 40 lines.

For further details and entry form:

The University of Canberra Health Poetry Prize

IPSI is administering a new Health Poetry Prize, sponsored by the Dean of the Faculty of Health at the University of Canberra. The first prize is AUD$1,500 and the deadline for submissions is 30 June 2016.

Theme: Living Life Well

The University of Canberra Health Poetry Prize aims to inspire others through poetry to consider the journey to live life well. The poem may be focussed on mental or physical health, and can investigate what 'living life well' means. This may include barriers to living a well life, promoting a life lived well, or describe the experience of, or transition to, living life well.

The Prize is being offered for the first time in 2016. It will be announced on or before 30 September 2016 and prize winners and short-list will be notified prior to that.

Important details are:

  • The winner will receive AUD$1,500
  • The runner-up (second-placed poem) will receive AUD$700
  • The second runner-up (third-placed poem) will receive AUD$300
  • Up to ten additional poems will be short-listed for publication, along with the winners, in the University of Canberra Health Poetry Prize Anthology
  • All poems entered for the prize will be single poems that have a maximum length of 40 lines (see the Conditions of Entry for further details)
  • Each entry of a poem will cost AUD$10
  • Entries close at 23:59 30 June 2016

Read the full conditions of entry.

Register and submit your entry here.

The University of Canberra Vice-Chancellor's Poetry Prize 2015

On 9 September, the winners, runner-up and shortlisted poems were announced by Vice-Chancellor, Professor Stephen Parker AO, in an event hosted by IPSI within its two-week festival, Poetry on the Move. First prize was awarded to Elisabeth Murawski for her poem 'Iconic Photo: Lee Miller in Munich, April, 1945'. In Elisabeth's absence, her poem was recited by Katharine Coles, festival poet in residence. Second prize went to Lisa Brockwell, who was present to read her poem 'Waiting on Imran Khan'. Runner-up, Mara Adamitz Scrupe, was also present to read her shortlisted poem, 'About Baltimore'. The three other shortlisted poems were 'Echogenic' by Jane Adair, 'Whooping Cough' by Anthony Lawrence, and 'Like but when it ain't' by Jonathan Lenn.


From left: Vice-Chancellor Stephen Parker, Centre for Creative and Cultural Research director Jen Webb, 2nd prize-winner Lisa Brockwell. Photo: Claudia Doman

We were also very glad to welcome to the University many of the longlisted poets. Longlist judges Alvin Pang, Subhash Jaireth and Judy Johnson, and head judge Elizabeth Smither gave readings before the prize-giving and the results of the inaugural Young Poets Award were also announced. Our festival poets-in-residence, Philip Gross and Katharine Coles were in attendance, as well as anthology editors, Niloofar Fanaiyan and Owen Bullock, and Distinguished Professor Jen Webb, Director of the Centre for Creative and Cultural Research which incorporates the International Poetry Studies Institute.