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Digital Treasures

Digital Treasures
The Digital Treasures program builds on our strengths in digital design and cultural heritage. Digitisation is transforming cultural collections into digital treasure-houses, and opening up new opportunities, and new challenges, in how we represent, access, and apply these collections. Our recent projects such as Discover the QueenslanderManlyImagesTrove Mosaic, and Australian Prints and Printmaking provide a taste of what's possible. Students in the program will work with staff including Tim Sherratt, Sam Hinton and Stephen Barrass.

An interactive multi-touch table for permanent installation in the Memory of A Nation gallery at the National Archives of Australia, developed by Mitchell Whitelaw in collaboration with Lightwell.

The Digital Treasures PhD program is

  • applied: focused on addressing the challenges and opportunities faced by our research partners in major cultural institutions
  • practical, and practice-led: students will develop practical projects working with digital collections, supported by training in digital design and production
  • industry-linked: students will work closely with partner institutions including the National Library and the National Archives, with internships built in to the PhD program.


We are seeking high achievers from fields including digital media and design, cultural heritage, fine arts, and humanities. Applicants should have demonstrated excellence in academic research, including a First Class Honours degree, Research Masters, or equivalent.

Students in the program may be able to apply for top-up funding in addition to an Australian Postgraduate Award ($25,849 per annum in 2015). Funding will also be available to support research costs including travel and equipment. Students will be expected to be resident in Canberra, and to participate actively in the research community of the Centre.

Please contact Tim Sherratt for more information.