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Our People


Barbara Pamphilon

Professor Barbara Pamphilon

Barbara is an expert leading qualitative researcher highly experienced in developing collaborative methods for stakeholder consultation and employing these methods with a wide range consumers, government and non-government organisations in both Australia and in developing countries.

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Research Staff


Dr Jo Caffery

Assistant Professor with over twenty years experience as a linguist and working with Indigenous adults on developing linguistic and cultural programmes across remote Australia.

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Dr Sandra Heaney-Mustafa

Sandra Heaney-Mustafa has worked at the University of Canberra since 2002 in community education and community development.  Her current teaching and research focus is community development in cross-cultural contexts.

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Ann Hill

Dr Ann Hill

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Deborah Hill TH

Dr Deborah Hill

Deborah Hill is a linguist with teaching and research experience at universities in Australia and Holland. She has had extensive experience teaching intensively in the Faculty's offshore programs in Vietnam and China. Deborah's research interests are the language and culture of Longgu (Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands) and the teaching of English grammar.

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Dr Philip Roberts

Assistant Professor specialising in rural education. His major ongoing research interest is how teachers situate the curriculum in the communities they serve and how spatial theories are incorporated into educational thinking.

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Dr Kym Simoncini

Kym’s work focuses in Papua New Guinea . The first project is funded through the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research where she has developed a professional learning package for teachers that is disseminated through mobile phones. The package focuses on culturally relevant teaching and integrating agricultural practices into schools. She is also part of a consortium led by World Vision that aims to enhance access to quality elementary education for girls and boys. She is responsible for monitoring and evaluation and assists with teacher education and support.

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Adjuncts and International Affiliates

Misty Adoniou

Dr Misty Adoniou

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Dr Mark Brennan 

Dr Mark Brennan

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Barbara Chambers

Professor Barbara Chambers

Professor Chambers was the foundation director of the Australian Institute for Sustainable Communities at the University of Canberra. She has established an international reputation in the field of collaborative methodologies and gender, agriculture and food security.

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Caroline Lemerle

Dr Caroline Lemerle

Dr Lemerle joined University of Canberra as Adjunct Professor in the then Faculty of Education, Science, Technology and Mathematics in 2015.

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Katja Mikhailovich

Dr Katja Mikhailovich

Dr Mikhailovich has undertaken a broad range of cross-disciplinary research in the area of community health and education and has developed expertise in program evaluation.

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John Spriggs

Professor John Spriggs

Professor Spriggs is an Adjunct Professor in agri-business, specialising in trans-disciplinary ways to engage stakeholders to maximise agricultural supply chains and agri-business.

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Professional Staff

Siew Imm Tan -  Liaison

Jenny Truong -  Administration

Peter Fock -  Website