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Planning and Quality Unit

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University Strategy and Plans

Strategic Directions

Strategic Plan 2013-2017

Breakthrough: the University of Canberra's Strategic Plan 2013-2017

Breakthrough: 2013-2017 is conceived as the second quinquennium of a ten year planning phase which commenced with the Strategic Plan 2008-2012. An Environmental Scan was conducted in 2012 as part of the preparation for Breakthrough.
The University of Canberra's strategic plan 2013 - 2017 consists of three key layers.

  • Strategic Plan
  • Foundation Plans:  Education Plan, Research Plan, Internationalisation Plan
  • Operational Plans for Faculties and Administrative Units.

To ensure effective implementation of the strategic plan, lower level plans align with the 3 key objectives of the University’s Strategic Plan. All UC plans are developed in consultation with key stakeholders and are approved by the University Council as well as other governing committees.
At the University of Canberra, strategy is used as a driver for change, improvement and sustainability.
The below diagram outlines the top-down model for strategic planning at UC.


Strategic Planning Documents Links

  • Education Plan (coming soon)
  • Research Plan (coming soon)
  • Internationalisation Plan (coming soon)
  • UC Faculty Operational Plans and Progress Reports - PDF
  • UC Business Unit Operational Plans and Progress Reports - PDF
  • Previous Strategic Plan (2008-12) - PDF


Other Plans

  • A Vision for Sport - PDF
  • Student Safety Plan - PDF
  • UC Campus Master Plan - PDF
  • Disability Action Plan - PDF  RTF

The University’s annual planning cycle (updated December 2013) is used to track and monitor a schedule of events throughout the year. The Vice Chancellor’s Group (VCG) regularly reviews the progress of scheduled events.

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