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2018 Student Vaccination Program

Influenza (flu Vaccine)

The UC Medical and Counselling service will be providing Influenza vaccinations.  Influenza vaccination is provided free to all students that live on residence.  Please note the National vaccination program also provide government funded influenza vaccinations to the following people.

National Immunisation Program (ACT Government, 2018a)

  • Adults aged 65yrs and over
  • Aboriginal and Torres strait Islander people 15 years and over
  • Aboriginal and Torres strait Islander children 6 months to less than 5yrs pf age
  • Women at any stage of pregnancy
  • All person’s ages 6 months or over with a medical condition that increases the risk of flu complications

ACT Childhood Immunisation Program (ACT Government, 2018a)

  • All children aged between 6months to under 5yrs of age

Any student that does not live on residence or meet any of the above criteria can purchase an Influenza vaccination through the UC Medical and Counselling Centre for $20.

Meningococcal ACWY Vaccination program

In 2018 ACT Health is also providing Free Meningococcal ACWY to any person aged 16-19 yrs. (ACT Government, 2018b). This vaccination can also be access through the UC Medical and Counselling Service.  For students above 20yrs the Meningococcal vaccination can be purchased for $25.

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