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Construction on Campus

How our campus is growing and changing- everything you need to know about the University of Canberra's ongoing improvements can be found here. On our project pages you can explore our major construction projects and facility upgrades currently underway as well as some minor refurbishment works below. There is also contact information available for each project manager so that we can stay connected with our users needs.

The Project Delivery Team

Th project delivery team is responsible for the following:

  • Current Construction and Refurbishment Projects
  • Infrastructure and their management
  • Project details, progress and benefits once complete
  • Project's immediate impact on access to buildings and the grounds

The Project Delivery Team pages are here to inform staff, students and visitors about new construction projects and refurbishments to existing buildings so that campus users can remain informed and involved in the evolution of UC. Please contact the nominated project manager or the Project Delivery Team via email with any questions about our new buildings, improved buildings and goals for a better campus in the future

Current Projects On Campus

Please click on the project's name for further information

Work on the new Biomedical Laboratory with Cobul Constructions commencing demolition work  in Building 3, level D (rooms 3D27 to 3D60). Demolition and enabling works will take about 9 weeks to complete before the new lab can be fitted out. During this time, Level D will be hoarded off and there will be no connection between B3 and B12 on Level D.  The lunch room has been relocated to Building 6, level C and Building 27, level D.

Noisy works are generally undertaken before and/or after hours. However instances may occur where it is unavoidable that noisy works take place during day time.  For such occasions, it is planned that we provide at least one (1) day notice.

The Enabling aspect of the works relates to disconnecting Level D from the overall B3 service supplies. Supply changes in relation to power, water and generally the building engineering services are a managed approach with emphasis on before and/or after hours works.  Should a shut-down be required during day-time activities, it is planned that we provide at least one (2) day notice.

Please advise Robert Bryce if you feel that your activities require special treatment.

The contractor has been instructed to ensure utmost cleanliness and to assist on this issue has provided a dedicated resource for cleaning purposes as necessary.

The contractor will provide legislative and UC required signage but if you feel something is amiss please advise.

The two (2) disabled parking spaces in the lane between B3 and B27 are temporarily not available.  This area is required to accommodate the rubbish chute. Parking in B27 ‘Undercroft’ has been relocated to the front of B27.

Please note above is a temporary measure.


In the first instance, the following UC contacts apply:

- Alex Krombholz, Consulting Senior Project Manager: 6201 2336

- Robert Bryce, Technical Services Manager: 0408 125 938

Following an initial announcement in 2016, the University has finalised its agreement with Integrated Clinical Oncology Network (Icon) and Queensland-based Cornerstone Building Developments (CBD) to develop an Integrated Cancer Care Facility on campus.

Icon Integrated Cancer Centres bring together medical oncology, haematology, radiation oncology and pharmacy to deliver a true end-to-end service for patients. Integrated centres deliver all aspects of a patient’s cancer treatment at the one site, from diagnosis to making a patient’s chemotherapy, providing onsite pharmacy support and giving treatment for radiation and/or chemotherapy.

The Radiation Oncology Centre will increase the availability of radiation and medical oncology services in the ACT and surrounding region, while also providing significant training and research opportunities for some of the University's staff and students.

The facility will enable students to undertake clinical placements in a range of disciplines, including nursing, diagnostic pathology, and pharmacy degrees.

Academic staff and research students will be able to collaborate on service provision and undertake research activities across different areas, including medical oncology, radiation oncology and chemotherapy.

The three-level building will be constructed and owned by CBD and will include two levels for Icon’s operations, and additional tenancy and speciality suites. The University will also be a tenant and include provision of a student-led clinic and research into allied health treatments, complementary to Icon’s treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will construction start?

Perimeter fencing has been established around the construction site with construction works commencing December 2017.

How long will construction take?

Construction of the facility will take approximately 12 months, with completion expected towards the end of 2018.

Where is construction taking place and what parts of campus will be affected?

The facility is being constructed on the site of the existing car park 17a, located adjacent to Building 27. A replacement car park will be constructed for campus users’ convenience adjacent to the Health Hub (Building 28). Roads within the vicinity of the construction site, such as Allawoona Street, will be subject to periodic works. Campus users will be notified of any temporary traffic changes ahead of time.

Where can I park during construction?

It is anticipated the replacement car park, adjacent to the Health Hub, will open in time for Semester 1 2018. However, should this not be achieved, temporary arrangements will be in place, meaning there will be minimal inconveniences during peak times on campus during the year.

The new car park will have a similar number of car parks to car park 17a. Campus users who use car park 17a are encouraged to use other car parks on campus from November 2017 to January 2018.

Will construction disrupt lectures and tutorials?

Construction will not disrupt teaching, learning or general operations of the University. With the exception of car park 17a, construction will not restrict access to or cause the closure of any campus facilities. Staff, students and campus’ users will be kept informed of any changes if needed.

Will construction disrupt traffic flow on campus?

There will be a slight increase in traffic on campus as a result of construction activity. However, it is not expected that there will be any significant disruption to the road network. Any temporary road closures will be communicated with campus users ahead of time.

What about noise?

The University does not anticipate noise being an issue during construction of the facility. If you become aware of any noise or disruptions, please contact the Campus Estate team.

How can I stay up to date on construction progress?

Information on the project will be available on the Campus Estate website. Regular updates will be offered to students and staff through the weekly Bulletin. If you have a query relating to the project or would like to stay up to date with construction progress, please email

UC Lodge Detail

On 31st January, UC Lodge formally opened it’s doors to nearly 500 students who will be able to live and study on campus and  brings the total number of students living on campus up to 2476. The opening of the new Halls of residence received welcome attention in the Canberra Times: This is a major milestone towards the completion of the new hall of residence.  The next steps will see the spaces on the ground level being occupied for a range of public and private communal uses that will enhance the student experience. These include new office accommodation and a culture and arts space which will be surrounded by paved and landscaped areas integrating the new facilities within the campus. Exciting details will be released on the new features as they come online.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Geoff Murray (Project Manager) via email

Lighting upgrade project

The Campus Lighting Upgrade works are undertaken in a number of campus locations through dedicated projects or integrated with other E&FM projects. The new campus lighting will create a more aesthetic, user friendly and safe environment for all staff and students living, working and studying at the University of Canberra.

Being the latest in LED technology the new campus lighting will contribute to UC's endeavors to reduce energy consumption and thus reduce its carbon footprint.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact Luka Kaleb via email or on (02) 6201 5559

UCPH Hospital update

The UCPH comprises 140 inpatient beds, 75 day places and additional outpatient services and will provide an environment solely focused on rehabilitation and support for those with chronic conditions, recovering from surgery, or with metal health issues to assist them to live successfully in the community.

The UCPH will be Canberra’s third public hospital and will be built on the University of Canberra campus in Bruce. The hospital will offer a range of rehabilitation services, support people in their recovery as well as provide targeted clinical services for older people and people with mental health issues.It will focus on supporting people in an environment that is specifically designed for rehabilitation, without the intense areas of surgery, an Emergency Department and Intensive Care Unit. Clients will be supported to become more independent by addressing challenges and developing skills and resources to promote successful community living and an enhanced quality of life.

Features of the hospital include specially designed therapy and support spaces, including gyms, a hydrotherapy pool, kitchens and rehabilitation courtyards. In addition to this, ACT Health is partnering with the University of Canberra to provide a research and teaching facility. It will continue the ACT’s integration of clinical and teaching environments for the benefit of our current and future health care providers.

Construction of the hospital commenced in early 2016 and is expected to be complete in 2018

Building 11b detail

The Faculty of Education, Science, Technology & Mathematics, and the Faculty of Business Government & Law have both recently been relocated into dedicated buildings. The original Buildings 6 and 11 are now undergoing renovations, including the upgrade of teaching and staff spaces. Open office and break out areas will be new features.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Monika Batinic-Špelic via email or on (02) 6201 5890

Building 7 fascade Building 7 Fascade construction

The Faculty of Arts & Design (FAD) will soon have a centralised home in Building 7.  The new space will project a more appropriate ambience of creativity and innovation.  The design will accommodate the Faculty's increasing engagement with external stakeholders and industry partners of both national and international importance.

Building 3 HVAC works

The Building 3  Refurbishment project is proposed to become the "IAE/ ESTeM Precinct Staged Refurbishment" project including Buildings 3, 27 and 6 over a number of years. A master planning study has been completed for the Precinct. Scoping is currently underway and includes the design, procurement and delivery of  modern adaptive teaching and research Laboratories on Levels A & D.

Demolition  completed and ready for the next stage in due course- the fit-out works.

B28 Lift Annex exterior

The Building 28 Lift Annex was constructed to provide a staircase and an additional lift to Building 28 to cater for the large amount of people flow through the Building.

It also provides additional waiting areas on Levels B and C as well as a meeting room on Level D.

The final part of the scope is the replacement of the existing lift with a model that is compatible to the new one to provide an integrated system for optimal performance.

The exterior of the annex features a combination of black oxide concrete and copper on the eastern fa├žade, large windows for views on the beautiful gum-trees to the north and white precast concrete to the west.

UCPH Carpark progress

UCPH Carpark is a multi-story carpark to facilitate the parking requirements from the UCPH and the future Moran Health Cluster development.

Situated to the west of UCPH, the carpark consists of five levels, ground floor holds 100 parking bays dedicated to the Moran Health Cluster and the upper four floors compromise 400  dedicated parking bays for UCPH.

The car park will also house three retail outlets facing east toward the hospital.  The opening of the carpark to the public will coincide with operational commencement of UCPH in 2018.  Additionally, an extension of Pantoworra Street will be completed in line with the carpark, directly linking the health precinct to the University.