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List of Item Types held at the Centre

Article by author/illustrator

A piece of writing on a specific topic, by the author/illustrator, which forms part of a published book or other publication.

Article relating to publications

A piece of writing which comments on the author's/illustrator's publications, written by someone other than the author/illustrator. If biographical information of some depth is included, the item appears under the heading Biographical note as well.

Artwork relating to author's/illustrator's work

Any piece of artwork, in any form or media, which relates to the person's work, whether published or not. Where several pieces of artwork are mounted together on a single sheet, these are counted as a single piece of artwork.


Notice of Australian/overseas awards for particular works or individual achievement. Also includes award announcements, such as the Children's Book Council Short Lists, which feature minimal or no review comment. Record on Contents Sheet: title of award, recipient, date of award and citation where award appears. (Example: Notable Children's Book, Tucking mommy in, 1989. Booklist vol 83, no 4, 15 Feb 1990, p1312.) Full award details should be recorded in AWARDS NOTEBOOK. Check published Guide for citation format.

Autobiographical note

An abbreviated account of a person's life written by that person.


A complete or select list of literature or other media formats written by or about the author/illustrator.

Biographical note

An abbreviated account of a person's life.


An evaluative assessment of a book, movie, theatre production or other creative effort, which is written by someone other than the creator.

Cassette of author's/illustrator's talk

Audio recordings of authors/illustrators, etc. commenting on their own or others' work and/or career.


A legal agreement between two parties.


Any form of written communication between two parties, such as letters, cards and notes.


Blank sheets approximately the same size as a book under production on which rough proofs, sketches and perhaps text, are placed to indicate position and geeral appearance.

Dust jacket

Printed or preliminary design of a paper cover to be placed around a bound book.

Exhibition material

Items related to public displays of an author's/illustrator's work including such items as lists of displayed works.


Printer's impressions taken from typed matter or page proofs set up in page form which are intended for checking and/or correction.


Hand-written or typed work of an author/illustrator in preliminary or final form whether intended for publication or not. Includes texts of shorter addresses as well as longer works.


Notice or article noting the death of an author/illustrator, often including a tribute to the person's life and/or work.


An image produced on a photo-sensitised surface of any size, in black and white or colour. Count duplicates as one photograph. A negative and print of that negative is counted as one item.


A literary work in metrical form.


Any item designed for display purposes to promote or advertise an author's/illustrator's work, or to promote a seminar/conference/ exhibition relating to the person's work.

Promotion material

Any item designed to encourage interest in the work of or further the growth and development of an author's/illustrator's work. These may include such items as press releases, publicity flyers from publishers, promotional kits produced by any organization, wrapping paper, calendars, stickers and buttons.


An item which details venue and/or content of an author's/illustrator's work or presentation, for example a program for a seminar, conference, musical, theatrical or other performance.

Radio/television/play (or other media) script

Works originally produced for broadcast or public performance.

Reference plate lists

Notes referring to or identifying illustrations and accompanying captions for a work to be published.

Research material

Preliminary text, such as notes, published material and other written items indicated as background resources for an author's/illustrator's works, whether these are published or not. Excludes visual/illustrative material (see C).

Short story

A work of prose fiction that differs in magnitude from a novel.


A transparent image mounted in rigid format and designed for projection.

Transcription of talk

Reproduction in print form of a talk, edited or unedited, and originally delivered orally and tape recorded.


A recording designed for television playback.

Teaching Resources

Material produced to promote teaching and learning of creative works produced for young people. these may be produced by the creators, publishers or others.