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The Lu Rees Archives Notes, Books and Authors

The annual journal of the Centre for Australian Children'sLliterature

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Subscribing to the Journal

The Lu Rees Archives Notes, Books and Authors is published annually by the Archives. The journal publishes articles of historical, bibliographical and research interest and reviews of material about Australian Children's Literature.

The journal also documents activities of the Archives, reports on its growth and acknowledges donations.

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Editorial Policy

The Lu Rees Archives Notes, Books and Authors (referred to here as the Journal) exists to meet two related objectives:

  1. To document the activities associated with the National Centre for Australian Children's Literature (formerly Lu Rees Archives of Children's Literature). This includes reporting the growth and development of the Centre; acknowledging and encouraging donations to it; and encouraging use of its resources.
  2. To promote the study and research, teaching and appreciation of Australian children's literature - reflecting the aims of the Centre itself.


Articles are invited from authors, illustrators, editors, publishers, teachers, researchers, librarians and others interested in Australian children's literature. Articles should normally either have some connection with the National Centre for Australian Children's Literature (formerly Lu Rees Archives)  - for example, they might describe the creation of works held in the Centre or be based upon work carried out in part at the Centre, or be of historical, bibliographical or research interest to readers of the Journal, thus reflecting the emphases implicit in maintaining an archival collection of resources.

Reviews are not accepted unsolicited. Given the existence of several well-established Australian reviewing journals the Journal does not normally review current, commercially available children' literature.

The Journal may request material for independent review, or accept relevant material and arrange for its review. Items reviewed in the Journal are those reflecting the activities of the Centre, or which are considered to be of historical, bibliographical or research interest. Both positive and negative reviews may appear; the Journal does not publish positive reviews only. Opinions expressed are those of the reviewer.

Instructions to Authors

Articles should be approximately 1,500 to 2,500 words in length. Longer articles may be edited to suit the space available. Please submit manuscripts typed and double spaced throughout, including footnotes. If possible, it would be appreciated if copy could be supplied on  disk as well as in hard copy. .

Style conventions adopted by the Journal are those recommended in the latest edition of the Australian Government Publishing Service Style manual. Material such as explanatory notes should appear in the text. Footnotes should only be used to document assertions or to cite items to which reference is made in the text. Use superscript arabic numbers, with citations in the form recommended in the AGPS Style manual. Examples:

Ivan Southall Let the balloon go. Harmondsworth: Penguin, 1972.

Lu Rees 'The Children's Book Council collection of children's books by Australian authors', Lu Rees Archives: notes, books and authors 1, 1981, pp 3-5.

Please briefly indicate your background, and supply a short abstract (50 to 100 words) of your article. In order to break up large blocks of text, photographs or other appropriate illustrative material is welcomed and will be returned if requested. A photograph of the author would also be appropriate - possibly showing you engaged in some activity.

Reviews should commence with a description of the item concerned, using the international standard bibliographic description format. Include ISBN and price if known. Example:

Lu Rees Archives of children's literature: a guide to the collections. Edited by Belle Alderman and Margaret Hyland. Canberra: School of Communication, Canberra College of Advanced Education, 1989. x, 223 pp ISBN 0 85889 336 3. Price: $15 + $4.50 postage and handling.

Please adopt the normal reviewing conventions: readers wish to know what a work set out to achieve and how well it succeeds; any special strengths and weaknesses; and the audience for whom it may be appropriate. Reviews should be typed and double spaced; length should not normally exceed 500 words. If an illustration from the work could appropriately accompany the review, please indicate this.

Unfortunately, review items themselves are often required for inclusion in the Centre's collection, and in this case you will be asked to review the Centre's copy. However, both authors and reviewers not on the Journal mailing list are sent a complimentary copy of the issue in which their contribution appears.

Adopted 26 February 1990
Lu Rees Editorial Policy

Australian children's authors visiting the Lu Rees Archives


Among the children's authors who attended the presentation of the Lu Rees Collection to the Canberra College of Advanced Education Library in 1980: Mesdames Cecilia Cyred, Mavis Thorpe Clarke, Margaret Paice-Harriss, Eleanor Stodart, Annette Macarthur-Onslow and Joan Phipson-Fitzhardinge.