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Professor Deep Saini

Vice-Chancellor and President

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Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Deep Saini settles in behind the desk at the University of Canberra and shares his thoughts on the potential of our enterprising young university.

Deep Saini

Even before taking the reins of the University of Canberra on 1 September, I knew there was something special about this institution. I was fascinated by its grit, its promise and its bold approach to a changing environment in the tertiary education sector. What excites me, now that I’m here, is discovering glimpses of its enterprising spirit.

Universities all around the world are looking beyond providing high-quality education and research opportunities and are focusing on addressing big, complex societal problems through imaginative, inventive, resourceful ways.  

The University of Canberra is embracing this way of thinking. More and more staff, students and alumni are adopting this mindset, taking on critical questioning, looking at problems from different perspectives, pushing the limits, taking risks and finding ways of improvement.

As you will read in the pages ahead, the University is making spirited moves to become a fertile ground for business start-ups by supporting novel ideas from students and staff and welcoming external businesses to set up operations on the campus, providing a propitious environment to drive collaboration, innovation and growth.

You will also learn how the University of Canberra’s entrepreneurial spirit is carried on by our graduates.

A growing group of young alumni, keen on exploring the world beyond our borders, are setting off on adventures and taking up opportunities all around the globe to build their careers and start-up businesses. From California to London, from Vietnam to New Zealand, these graduates are thriving in their chosen fields embodying that enterprising spirit.

But entrepreneurship is not limited to businesses or careers, it transcends onto the social space, identifying and often leading to transformative societal change. An example of this is the commendable story of one of our students, a former refugee, who is driven to overcome the odds and give back to the community.

That is our promise: to shape the next generation of transformative agents who are committed to making a difference in the world around us.

I look forward to nurturing this culture of innovation at the University of Canberra, where our students, staff, alumni, and local entrepreneurs converge, brainstorm, work on potential concepts and get the needed support to turn their ideas into real solutions; where audacious plans are encouraged, mentoring offered and funding opportunities catalysed.

I am thrilled to be at the helm of such a promising institution and look forward to its transformation as a global leader in mission-oriented education and problem-solving


Deep Saini

Vice-Chancellor and President - University of Canberra

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