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Robyn Morris

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From Canberra to California

Robin Morris

Working internationally was always a given for Robyn Morris, who works in the tech industry after graduating twice from the University of Canberra, first in 2001 with a Bachelor of Communication and again in 2004 with a Masters of Internet Communication. During his Masters,  Robyn lived abroad in Japan and the UK while also running an online design consultancy.

In 2008, his new start-up built a number of web-based products that caught the attention of the team at Facebook. By 2011, Robyn was working as a product designer at the Facebook headquarters, where he still works today having been promoted to the role of Design Director. “Launching the [Facebook] News Feed redesign was definitely a highlight. It’s the most viewed Internet surface there is. That was the most intense work period of my life,” Robyn says.

Getting to work closely with Mark [Zuckerberg] on that project made it extra special.

Photo courtesy: Facebook

While California seems a long way from his University of Canberra days, Robyn is certain the international journey he’s taken has enriched his life and career to no end. “There is very little chance I’d be able to do what I’m doing if I’d been closed to leaving Australia. For a great part of my career I’ve been able to live internationally because as long as I have an internet connection, I’m able to work. That is amazing to me.”


Robyn Morris

Bachelor of Communication (2001), Master of Internet Communication (2004)

Design Director - Facebook

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