Scholarship supports female finance students

Scholarship supports female finance students

Alison Dance

25 February 2013: A University of Canberra alumnus hopes an award he created will encourage more women to pursue a career in finance.

The Zoe Miller Award was established three years ago by graduate Michael Miller, and is awarded to the highest achieving female undertaking the unit Introduction to Financial Planning.

“Financial planning is not well-known as a career so I hope this award will encourage students, particularly female students to try the introductory subject, hopefully continue with it and enjoy it as a career as much as I do,” Mr Miller said.

“The industry is dominated by men so it would be nice to see more of a balance which is why the award is for females,” he explains.

This year’s award, which includes a $500 prize, went to third-year student Alisha Rosenfeld.

Ms Rosenfeld is studying a Bachelor of Commerce and said she didn’t realise she was the highest ranked female in the unit.

“I was really happy with my results, I was aiming for a high distinction and worked hard for it but I didn’t rank myself against other students so it was a surprise,” she said.

Ms Rosenfeld works in accounting and hopes the scholarship will encourage other women to join the industry.

“I think it’s important to have this scholarship, there weren’t many female students in the unit. I really enjoy the industry and it’s useful knowledge in everyday life,” she said.

Michael Miller and Alisha Rosenfeld

Michael Miller and Alisha Rosenfeld. Photo: Michelle McAulay

Mr Miller was inspired to create the award after receiving a cheque for $72.58 from his grandmother. After asking her about the unusual amount she explained how she indexed inflation after giving $50 to the first grandchild who turned 21 to ensure fairness.

“The award is named after my nan, who lives on the Gold Coast. She worked as a book keeper and had a lot to do with managing money,” he said.

Mr Miller studied finance and commerce at the University of Canberra and now runs his own practice in the ACT.

“It’s a good career and I like the work. It’s about finances but it’s also about people’s values. You get to work with people as much as money, it’s really a helping profession,” he said.

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