Human impact on bird extinctions: UC lecture

Human impact on bird extinctions: UC lecture

Claudia Doman and Michelle McAulay 

23 December 2013:  University of Canberra conservation ecologist Richard Duncan spoke recently about how human colonisation of the remote Pacific islands may have spawned the global extinction of nearly 1,000 species of non-perching landbirds.

Professor Duncan from the University’s Institute for Applied Ecology, talked about how he and his colleagues explored the magnitude and pattern of one of the largest known human-caused extinction events, which occurred on remote Pacific islands between 3,500 to 700 years ago, when overhunting and deforestation by humans wiped out thousands of bird populations.

His lecture ‘The impact of humans: patterns of bird extinction in remote Pacific islands’ was part of the Centenary’s ‘Big Issues, Big Talk’ series.

Watch it below: