Art vs.Science get Stonefest dancing

Art vs. Science get Stonefest dancing

Kristyn Comino

25 September: Australia’s most popular new dance act Art vs. Science will grace the Stonefest stage this year as they continue their love affair with the capital.
No strangers to the Canberra crowd, Art vs. Science will now unleash their unique sound on the Stonefest punters – part pop, part French electro with a healthy infusion of rock. Jim Finn explained why they’re back for more.

“Because people down there seem to dig what we do, they’re keen to party hard and we like to entertain the kids who party pretty hard. I’m looking forward to big things from the crowd at Stonefest”.

Art vs. Science

Art vs. Science

Forming in Sydney in early 2008, just one month later Art vs. Science won the Triple J Unearthed Splendour in the Grass competition on the back of their hit ‘Flippers’. 

Jim Finn (keys/vox), Dan McNamee (keys/guitar/vox) and Dan Williams (drums/vox) continued this dream run with their self-titled debut EP reaching #6 on the iTunes charts to become the #1 Dance album on the countdown.

“It is one of those dream runs you hear about,” Finn said, “It’s like we’re in a plane that’s taking off that keeps climbing, are we going to keep climbing or are we on cruise control? Like there’s a pilot at the front and we’re in the back enjoying the ride”.

Art vs. Science have a sound like their name suggests, an eclectic mix of artistic talent with the science of musical sound, but their name actually came about from a dream Finn had.
“I don’t remember it too vividly but it was Michelangelo’s David and Einstein having a tea party and they were talking about Quantum Physics and I came in and threw the table over. I told Dan and he said ‘Whoa that’s like Art vs. Science”.

Finn then thought it might be a good idea to incorporate some of his dream in their show at Stonefest.

“We should get a guy with frizzy hair and a naked guy to fight on stage over a cup of tea! I wouldn’t be able to play too much though because I’d want to see who wins”.

Playing alongside The Living End, Josh Pyke, Birds of Tokyo, Frenzal Rhomb and more at Stonefest, Art vs. Science are cementing themselves as the best new dance force in the country.

Get your tickets to see Art vs. Science at Stonefest, Saturday 31 October, through Ticketek.