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The Lodge on the Lake 

Design Ideas Competition


This competition was championed and directed by the members of the Advisory Panel, all of whom are committed to the success and development of the Sponsor organisations and to the future development of Canberra.

Annabelle Pegrum drafted the competition conditions. The design brief at section 3 was prepared together with Roger Pegrum using material by Professor Howard Tanner and Professor Stephen Frith for a 2011 University of Canberra master of architecture studio for the design of the Lodge.

Andrew Clarke of the University of Canberra Marketing and International unit developed the competition website.

Kerry Lang (nee Bailey) of the University of Canberra Group Chief Operating office is providing administrative support to the Competition Adviser.

David Flannery architect and photographer, took the site photographs of Attunga Point.

Harris Hobbs Landscapes prepared the Site Plan and digital formats for the purposes of this competition.

The Competition

The Lodge

Design Brief

Competition Conditions



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