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The Lodge on the Lake Design Ideas Competition


Site Photographs

The following JPEG images are all 750 x 563 px at the normal website resolution of 72 dpi. Please click on the thumbnails below to see the larger versions.

The original high resolution photographs may be downloaded as 5 large zip files plus one jpg file.

A site plan indicating the positions from which these photographs were taken is available in PDF format.

Site Plan

General Contour Map of the site (PDF format) including flood levels, study area and high conservation areas.

AutoCAD file

Download the AutoCad file here (DWG format) An older version for AutoCAD 2004 is also available. Information about DWG files.

Please note that if  these DWG files are opening as text files or something equally unhelpful, you may need to check that AutoCAD is installed correctly on your computer, and that this application has been selected as the default for DWG files.

Google Map

Attunga Point. The site is immediately to the left of the Canberra Yacht Club as indicated on the map. 


The Prime Minister's Lodge: Canberra's unfinished business / Graeme Barrow. Canberra : Dagraja Press, 2008. pp. 100-110 (PDF file, 4.4 Mb)

We would like to thank Mr Barrow for his kind permission to reproduce these pages here.