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The Lodge on the Lake Design Ideas Competition

3. Design Brief

The Lodge in Canberra must provide a comfortable and secure residential environment for the Prime Minister and his or her partner and family with accommodation for occasional guests and support staff.  Part of the residence building will be the venue from time to time for state occasions and important meetings, for banquets or garden parties or for special events for visiting dignitaries and the Australian community.

The design of the Lodge must provide a private home environment without hindrance to or impact from official events or public receptions taking place elsewhere on the site or from activities related to the home office or study of the Prime Minister.

The Lodge should include the following hypothetical functional elements. Entrants should interpret these and explore their relationships and potential as they see fit. 

3.1 The Private Home and Lodgings

  • A private entrance for use by friends, family and colleagues
  • A private sitting room for up to twelve people
  • Informal recreation space/s for private and family use
  • A private dining area for informal occasions for up to twelve people
  • A private family breakfast area
  • A family kitchen with a small office/sitting area for a chef and housekeeper
  • The Prime Minister’s bedroom with sitting area, two bathrooms, two dressing rooms and private outdoor space
  • A guest suite with bedroom, bathroom, dressing room and sitting room/study area
  • Four other bedrooms with private facilities
  • A study or home office for the partner of the Prime Minister
  • Private library that may be associated with the Prime Minister’s study and and/or official function areas
  • A private gymnasium and games area
  • Cloak rooms and toilets for visitors
  • A defensible family refuge

3.2 The Prime Minister’s Study

  • A study/home office for the Prime Minister with adjoining personal safe room
  • General office and private offices for up to six PM support staff
  • Separate and secure access to the private home accommodation

3.3 The Official Function Spaces

  • An official entrance lobby for welcoming large numbers of guests for dinners and state functions
  • Covered access and car drop-off associated with the official reception lobby
  • Formal function room to accommodate 100+ people with sitting areas for up to 40 people and access to official outdoor entertaining areas
  • A formal dining room with seating for 50 and ample storage for furniture and furnishings
  • A small collection of other rooms and spaces for quiet meetings and discussions
  • Gallery and exhibition space for objects of interest. These may be dedicated areas and/or associated with corridors, lobby areas or linking spaces
  • Cloak rooms and toilets for visitors

3.4 Support Services

  • Separate secure entrances for support staff and for goods deliveries
  • A central security office and communications centre for up to ten people
  • Commercial kitchen and associated facilities
  • Extensive ancillary areas including a wine cellar, flower room, cutlery and crockery stores, large laundry and linen stores
  • Office space for the housekeeper, chef and up to five other staff
  • A staff room with change rooms and lockers, toilets and showers
  • Two small bedrooms with ensuites for occasional overnight stays by staff
  • Secure garage facilities for a total of six cars including two official cars for the Prime Ministers, up to two private vehicles, and two service and security vehicles
  • Additional bathrooms and storage areas

3.5 The Landscape Setting

An imaginative and sensitive landscape design is sought that embraces the setting and incorporates the private and official entertainment and relaxation areas.

  • Substantial outdoor entertaining areas for up to 400 people with space for a marquee or similar undercover area for up to 200 people seated
  • Private swimming pool area and tennis court
  • Private outdoor entertaining area associated with the Prime Minister’s lodgings
  • Areas for quiet reflection and relaxation
  • Promenades about the grounds with associated stopping places
  • A water gate and jetty with access to the official function areas
  • A small boathouse
  • A kitchen garden
  • General office area for gardener and grounds staff with change rooms and lockers, toilets and showers
  • Tools and equipment storage and shelter for maintenance vehicles
  • Comfortable access to and from the internal spaces and about the landscape for pedestrians and for vehicular drop-off and service vehicles
  • Limited car parking on site and drop off for distinguished guests at the residence and official function areas.

Entrants should consider AILA policies in the provision of the landscape architectural solution. Refer to:

3.6 Character and Identity

The Lodge should have a distinctive modern residential character with the capability to demonstrate Australian art, craft and creative directions. This may be achieved through the inclusion of exhibition and gallery spaces and through the materials, interior architecture and furnishings and the quality of the landscape.

3.7 Site Planning and Security

The Lodge should feel welcoming and democratic. Access to and about the buildings and grounds requires sensitive design to ensure a secure environment that retains a sense of accessibility for our democratic society. Security should be integrated seamlessly with the landscape and architecture enhancing rather than detracting from the urban setting and street and water frontages.

3.8 The Australiana Fund

This independent fund-raising organisation acquires and provides Australian artworks and objects of cultural interest to official residences including the Lodge. Consideration should be given to how and where such objects would be displayed to best advantage without overly influencing the proposed spatial and interior creative intent. Information on the object registrar can be found at http://www.theaustralianafund.org.au

Secretaire Epargne

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