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The Lodge on the Lake Design Ideas Competition

Competition Conditions

4.1 Eligibility

The competition is open to Australian design professionals, design graduates and design students. Multi-disciplinary collaborative teams are encouraged.

For the purposes of this competition the following definitions apply.

  • Australian design professional: is a person who holds the registration, accreditation or membership of a professional institution required for professional practice in Australia
  • Design: includes but is not limited to, architecture, landscape architecture, urban design, planning, industrial design, engineering and interior design
  • Design graduate: is a person who has completed an accredited Australian tertiary design course and / or who has the academic qualifications required to apply for registration, accreditation or membership of a professional institution (as required to enable them to practice)
  • Design student: is a person enrolled in an accredited Australian tertiary design course including those offered by higher education and vocational education and training providers.

The entry must be made in the name of an eligible person. Where an entrant represents a team, the other team members are not required to meet the eligibility criteria.

International entrants must meet the eligibility criteria, or be part of a team including a person who meets the eligibility criteria.

Individual students and teams made up wholly of students are not required to pay a registration fee but are required, when submitting their entry, to provide for each participant proof of enrolment in a tertiary design course.

The following people are ineligible and must not assist any eligible person:

  • Jury members, advisory panel members, the competition adviser, their relatives or their employees
  • Persons who are involved in the administration of the competition
  • Persons who have made a financial contribution to the prize pool
  • Persons who are involved in the administration of the existing Lodge including members or staff of the National Capital Authority or the Official Establishments Trust
  • University of Canberra staff who were engaged in the 2011 master of architecture student project for a new Lodge (students who took this studio as part of their study program are not ineligible).

4.2 Conflict of Interest

A competitor who identifies a potential or actual conflict of interest must immediately notify the Competition Adviser. The Competition Adviser has absolute discretion to enter into discussion to seek to resolve the conflict of interest; or to declare the competitor ineligible; or to take any other appropriate action.

4.3 Registration

Registration for entering the competition is on line. Use the Online Registration Form here

  • For Design Professionals: payment of an entry fee of $200.00 and a registration/accreditation/professional membership number (as applicable)
  • For Design Graduates: payment of an entry fee of $100.00 and proof of graduation from an accredited Australian tertiary design course
  • Design Students: peppercorn $1.00 entry fee and proof of enrolment in an accredited Australian tertiary design course.

Registrants must provide an email address for notifications and responses to questions.

Registrants will be provided with an Entrant Registration Number sent to their email address.

Important: Please Note:

It has been brought to our attention today (5/4/13) that there was an error in the registration closing date given in section 4.3.  In good faith we have decided to keep registrations (and the question period) open for one more week until 4.00pm Friday 12 April 2013.  

The registration date in Section 4.4 has been changed accordingly and now applies.  

PLEASE NOTE that there is NO CHANGE in the FINAL DATE FOR RECEIVING ENTRIES. This remains 4.00pm Saturday, 4 May 2013.

4.4 Key Dates 2013

Saturday, 26 January Australia Day

Competition e-Launch

12.00 noon - Tuesday, 29 January

Registrations Open

4.00pm - Friday, 12 April

Registrations Close

Question Period closes, See section 4.5 below.

6.00pm - Monday 15 April

Responses to questions completed and emailed to registrants.

4.00pm - Saturday, 4 May

Final date for receiving entries, see Section 4.7 below.

1927 anniversary of Prime Minister Stanley Melbourne Bruce moving into the Lodge as its first resident

9 May

Jury deliberation commences

Thursday, 23 May

Announcement of winners

1912 anniversary of the announcement of Walter Burley Griffin as the winner of the international competition for the design of Australia’s Federal Capital City

15 August - 19 October

Exhibition at the GAD.

4.5 Questions and Responses

The Competition Adviser will answer all questions about this competition including those concerning registration and process. Verbal enquiries regarding the competition will not be answered.

Submit questions by email to the Adviser in accordance with the Key Dates in Section 4.4 above.

Competition Adviser email:

4.6 Submission Documentation Requirements

The required submission documentation includes the Specified Drawings and the Additional Material described below. To avoid disqualification, entrants must submit both components of the submission documentation as follows:

4.6.1 Specified Drawings

Four A1 sheets are to be submitted mounted on 5mm foam core boards or boards of a similar light weight that resists bending. Framed submissions, or those on heavy backing material, will not be accepted.  Three dimensional or supplementary virtual models, including any attached to the boards, will not be accepted.

Submissions shall include:

  • Site layout at 1:500
  • Plans, elevations and sections at 1:100 or 1:200 sufficient to describe the proposal
  • At least one landscape drawing that describes the landscape character
  • One or more external perspective images that describe the three-dimensional quality of the building/s in the site context
  • One or more interior perspective images describing the interior design intent
  • An explanatory statement not exceeding 400 words setting out the design philosophy
  • Other drawings, graphic material or text at the entrant’s discretion

Note: Display the Entrant Registration Number in the bottom right hand corner of each A1 board

4.6.2 Additional Material

In addition entrants are to submit the following required information in a sealed envelope attached to the back of sheet number one:

  • A drawing diagram clearly describing the arrangement and sequence for viewing the submitted boards. Ensure that the entrant registration number is clearly marked in the bottom right hand corner
  • A USB with digital copies of the A1 boards and the explanatory statement all in either PDF or JPG format. The maximum file size must not exceed 8Mb per sheet. Name the disk ‘Lodge on the Lake Design Ideas Competition Entry Number (insert entrant registration number)’. No other information is to be included on the USB.
  • The Online Submission Form is available here

Entrants may only submit one solution per entry and the entry must relate to the nominated site.

Entrants are not to include any text or symbol that could identify any of the authors of the submission or their practices or business entities on any of the submission materials.

4.7 Submission of Entries

Send entry submission documentation (as described in 4.6) to the Competition Adviser address below. 

The drawings must be in a single package wrapped in non-transparent material.

Address submissions to the postal address of the Competition Adviser at:

The University of Canberra
The Lodge on the Lake
Building 1, Level D, Room 139
Kirinari Street

Deadline for submission of entries: 4.00pm on Saturday 4 May 2013.

Consideration will be given to entries from Australia that are clearly postmarked from the day before the due date.

With the written agreement of the Competition Adviser, entries from overseas may be uploaded by the submission deadline using the Approved Overseas Late Submission Form.  Hard copies must have been received by 4pm Wednesday 8 May 2013 to avoid disqualification. The hard copies must not include any additional information/images than the uploaded files.

4.8 Prizes

Prizes are in Australian Dollars.

  • First prize $80,000
  • Second prize $20,000
  • Third prize $10,000

Supplementary prizes may be awarded at the discretion of the Jury.

The Competition Jury will determine and award the prizes. All awards and decisions of the Jury will be final and binding. The Jury reserves the right not to award any prizes.

GST is not a consideration in the award of the prizes.

Prize monies will be paid with no monies retained for any subsequent commission.

4.9 Exhibition and Publication

The Sponsors will exhibit the competition outcomes at the GAD in 2013. It is the Sponsor's intention that all entries and the Jury report will be published on the web. The Sponsors may also exhibit and publish submitted material in whole or in part elsewhere in Australia and/or overseas.

4.10 Post Competition Services

This is a design ideas competition sponsored by the University of Canberra and the Gallery of Australian Design. The Sponsors have no imprimatur to recommend the winning scheme to the Australian Government for construction. The Sponsors will however, provide the jury report and images of all premiated proposals to Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, to the National Capital Authority and to the Official Establishments Trust.

In the event that the Sponsors identify funds to develop the winning proposal further, and if they are satisfied that the prize winner has, or can acquire, the ability and resources to undertake additional services (with appropriate professional skills and accreditation, financial capacity and insurances), they may enter into negotiations regarding post competition services.

4.11 Competition Material

For the purposes of this competition, the term ‘competition material’ includes all submission documentation including the ‘specified drawings’ and ‘additional material’.

Competitors should retain copies of material submitted. The Sponsors will take reasonable care of competition material but assume no liability for material damaged during transit or while in possession.  Competition material will not be returned to competitors. Competition material will become the property of the Sponsors and will be either physically or electronically archived.

4.12 Copyright

Competitors will retain the copyright and moral rights of attribution and integrity in their entry and the designs embodied in it and will grant to the Sponsors an exclusive and irrevocable licence to use the design for any purpose associated with the publication, exhibition or promotion of the competition, or for any similar purpose.

4.13 Confidentiality

No competitor may disclose to the media or any other group or individual information relating to the competition, such as the name of the winning competitor. Disclosure to the media of any information relating to the competition is the prerogative of the Sponsors. Any enquiries from the media regarding this competition are to be directed to the Competition Adviser.

4.14 Arbitration

Decisions of the Jury or of the Competition Adviser will not be subject to any judicial review, and no appeals from entrants concerning such decisions will be considered.

4.15 Disqualification

Entries may be disqualified if:

  • An author of an entry improperly attempts to influence the Jury members or their advisers
  • The entry is received after the submission time (see Section 4.7).
  • The identity of the author of any entry is disclosed to the Jury or their advisers
  • There is a breach of any competition provision or instruction.

The Competition Adviser will determine disqualification.