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E-Reserve Information for Staff

    What is E-Reserve?

    E-Reserve is an online space for your unit, easily linked to Moodle. E-Reserve can also be used as an online space of professional reading for your colleagues.
    For Reading Lists, see Unit Reading Lists - Short Loan Collection.

Content Responsibility:  E-Reserve

What forms of materials can be included on E-Reserve?

A variety of materials, examples:
Book chapters;
Journal articles;
Links to e-Journal articles;
Links to e-Book chapters.

How much of a book or other item can be reproduced for E-Reserve?

The following copyright regulations for reproduction apply for the entire University:

The Commonwealth Copyright Act 1968 allows certain uses of copyright, free of charge, without the permission of the copyright owner, under the Fair dealing exemption:

Fair dealing for the purpose of, or associated with, an approved course of study or research by an enrolled student or researcher of an educational institution:

Fair dealing allows the making of a single copy from a book, of up to one chapter, or 10% whichever is the greater: and the whole of one only article in a periodical publication (i.e. one from each issue).

Source: University of Canberra Copyright Guide - Your Rights and Responsibilities.

    Why should I use E-Reserve; can't I just put up my own Portable Document Files (PDF) scans?

    E-Reserve staff monitor Copyright Act (Cth) compliance using the E-Reserve platform on behalf of Academic staff to ensure the University does not breach the relevant section of the Copyright Act (Cth).

    Whereas if Academic staff upload their own files to Moodle, there is potential staff may unknowingly not comply with the Fair dealing exemption of the Copyright Act (Cth).
    When the University is periodically audited by the Copyright Agency (the declared collecting society for the educational and government statutory licenses in Australia), E-Reserve staff are able to provide assurance of compliance with the Fair dealing exemption during a current teaching period. More information, see the Library Guide to Copyright.

    In relation to journal articles:
    The University's licences with database vendors provide access to subscribed journal content. E-Reserve staff where possible will always provide access via a link; whereas conveners placing a PDF directly onto Moodle will breach the University's license conditions.

    New for 2018 : A new reading list service!

    In 2018 the UC Library is implementing a new reading list management service called Reading Lists, and E-Reserve is to be merged with this new service.

    Prior to January 12th you may submit your reading list requirements, including both physical and electronic resources, through the Unit Resources Form. The Unit Resources Form can be accessed here: requests that have already been submitted are in the process of being transferred to the new system, and in early 2018 there will be drop-in sessions available so you can learn how to create and manage your reading lists.

    Reading Lists is accessed through your UCLearn (Canvas) teaching sites, and we encourage you to be aware of the new service for future requirements.

    For more information, please refer to this website:

    Can I have one chapter on E-Reserve for a few weeks, then take this down, and have another chapter up from the same book?
    No, unfortunately not, this is called Digital Serial Publishing, which is a breach of the Fair dealing exemption of the Copyright Act (Cth).

    I would like more than the Copyright Act Fair dealing exemption allowance of a text - are there alternatives?


    E-Reserve staff can attempt to scan other chapters from a different edition of the text;

    order further copies for placement in the Short Loan Collection.

    I have a reading I'd like on E-Reserve but neither the Library nor I have a copy of the text; can you source a copy?
    Yes, E-Reserve staff can engage Document Services on your behalf for delivery of chapters / articles.
    To engage Document Services we require your authorisation to debit your Faculty's Document Delivery budget - a simple statement will suffice.

Can I link to the Library's journal articles directly on Moodle?

While you can provide links for students, using E-Reserve ensures that the access is authenticated through the university's database proxy so students off campus (or those using a mobile connection) can seamlessly access the full-text.
An alternative is to provide students with the journal article citation only. Students can copy and paste the article title directly into the UCanFind search box on the Library home page, and easily access the full-text.

    How long will a request take to complete?

    While E-Reserve staff will always endeavour to process your request as soon as possible, often in 1-2 days, in peak times of semester turn round times will incur delays:

    Off-Peak Periods: Allow one (1) - five (5) week days.

    Peak Periods: Allow five (5) - seven (7) week days.

    Peak Periods are the following times in Semesters 1 and 2:

    Week before Orientation Week;

    Orientation Week;

    Week 1 of Semester.

    During these peak periods we may contact you to prioritise your readings to ensure the most important early readings are accessible for your students.
    Please note: Additional delays may occur if we experience difficulty in sourcing the items.

    I have a lengthy E-Reserve request; should I prioritise my readings?

    Yes, please sort the readings from highest priority to lowest; for example sort by:

    Week 1, week 2, etc.

    Required and Recommended readings.

How can I obtain an update on my request?

Email E-Reserve, please include your unit name and number; alternatively, contact us by phone.

Whom can I contact for further E-Reserve information?

Coordinator: Keryn Cobden
Phone: 6201 5059.

    I'm having trouble linking my E-Reserve readings on Equella to my unit's Moodle site.

    Instructions for transferring readings from E-Reserve to Moodle as well as troubleshooting tips are available on the LearnOnline support site.

    Moodle / LearnOnline staff are available to answer any queries or problems with transferring readings from E-Reserve to Moodle; they can be emailed at and are available every day at drop-in sessions, 1.30 – 3.30pm, in the Library, Level B, or by appointment.