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1. What is the University of Canberra Research Repository?

The University of Canberra Research Repository is an open access digital repository, currently containing research output of University of Canberra staff and postgraduate students from 2002-2008. Further research outputs will be added to the Repository.

The purpose of the Repository is to preserve and make accessible the research output of the University to local, national and international communities. This will maximise impact for individual researchers and highlight the overall research profile of the University.

The Repository will include bibliographic details (metadata) such as author, title, publication date, abstract and keywords about material included and, where copyright permissions allow, fulltext of items will also be available of material that can be digitised for viewing and download.

2. Who can access the University of Canberra Research Repository?

The University of Canberra Research Repository is an open access repository, publicly available and searchable via the Internet.

3. Who can deposit research in University of Canberra’s Research Repository?

At least one author of the research must be affiliated with the University of Canberra as staff, student or affiliate at time of publication.

4. What can be included in University of Canberra Research Repository?

Stage 1 of the Repository will include HERDC-reportable publications produced by University staff and students:

  • Books
  • Book chapters
  • Refereed journal articles
  • Refereed conference papers

Further development of the Repository will see the inclusion of additional categories of research and creative outputs and theses by University staff and students.

5. What material will be excluded from the collection?

  • Material intended for commercialisation or covered by a contract that would not allow deposit in an institutional repository
  • Material containing confidential or culturally sensitive information
  • Non-academic or non-scholarly outputs
  • Defamatory, misleading or deceptive material or work that breaches privacy or racial vilification laws
  • Teaching or administrative materials

6. What are the benefits of including research in the University of Canberra Research Repository?

For Researchers:

  • Increased exposure of your research by making it accessible and searchable worldwide via the Internet
  • Maximised impact of research - Research deposited in the University of Canberra Research Repository will experience maximised impact, which is likely to result in increased citation rates
  • Research outputs will be indexed by search engines - Research deposited in the University of Canberra Research Repository will be harvested by search engines such as Google Scholar, OAIster (a worldwide catalogue of digital resources) and Australian Research Online, resulting in high rankings of your research in search engine results
  • A centralised repository of research - The University of Canberra Research Repository will provide you with central, searchable storage of your research. This will enable you to easily keep track of your fulltext research,  assist you in keeping your resume updated, and provide easy access to your fulltext research portfolio for colleagues and students
  • Research collaboration - The University of Canberra Research Repository facilitates collaboration and research linkages with other researchers in the field
  • Research preservation and access - The University of Canberra Research Repository will provide long-term secure access to, and preservation of, your research

For the University:

  • Highlighted research profile  - The Research Repository will highlight the research profile of the University by providing a consolidated centralised showcase of the university's research output
  • Research reporting - The Research Repository will support University requirements for DIISR reporting and the Excellence in Research for Australia submission

7. What happens about copyright?

Copyright ownership does not change hands when you deposit a publication in the Repository; copyright owners retain the copyright for all content deposited in the Repository and grant the University a non-exclusive right to provide access via the Repository.

One of the following conditions will need to apply before depositing a work into the repository:

  • you, as the author, retain copyright ownership OR
  • you have transferred your copyright ownership to the publisher but have retained the right to deposit a version of your work (e.g. a preprint) into an institutional repository OR
  • the publisher has granted permission to deposit the publication into an institutional repository

8. Do publishers usually own the copyright in my published works?

If copyright is owned by the publisher, the Library will assign an access level that meets the publisher’s policy on open access.

The vast majority of journal publishers now allow authors to archive an “accepted manuscript” version of their articles in an institutional repository.

Library staff will not make material publicly available until confident we have authorisation to do so. The SherpaRomeo project and OAKList database provide searchable websites of publisher policies regarding deposit of publications in institutional repositories. For conferences papers it is usually necessary to contact publishers of conference proceedings.

For further information please contact the Research Repository Officer.