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Donating Material to the Library

Library Policy on Donations

The  Library may accept donations of material provided they fall within collecting guidelines. Materials are accepted on the understanding that the Library has control over what is kept and what is discarded. Materials with special conditions relating to access or housing are not accepted. The Library is an approved library under the Cultural  Gifts  Program;  however, the Library will only accept donations which meet the needs of the University's teaching and research.

Guidelines for Donations

Donation of material to the University of Canberra Library is accepted in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • Donor has contacted and discussed the donation with a Liaison Librarian prior to the delivery
  • For donations of 10 items or more a titles list has been provided prior to delivery
  • The Library retains the right to treat donations as it sees fit
  • Donors will not be notified of the decisions made in regard to their donations
  • Donations will not be returned to the donor

Library Donation Form

Donors are required to complete a donation form when delivering donations to the Library.