Master of Urban and Regional Planning

Whether urban or regional, it’s all in the planning

Accredited with the Planning Institute of Australia (highly regarded for practicing professionals), this course will give you the advanced skills you need to secure a leadership role, in fields ranging from elemental urban and regional planning through to program development and project implementation.

By examining contemporary issues like social, economic and environmental factors, you'll also author a significant piece of research that will demonstrate your literary and oral competency (great prep for future client presentations). With innovation in infrastructure development emerging as a national priority, it's time for you to master the art of shaping our future communities.

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Domestic students and International students

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Full-time Study Duration

2 years

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Career Outcomes

Study a Master of Urban and Regional Planning at UC and you will:

  • develop an enhanced understanding of the theory and practice of planning across government and community expectations as a vehicle for change in urban and regional environments
  • develop capabilities in problem solving and policy response in a multi-disciplinary context, with an emphasis on developing effective workplace skills
  • study the key social, economic and environmental considerations in urban and regional planning
  • understand the concept of professional ethics and social responsibility within the planning community.

Career Opportunities

Opportunities exist for Master of Urban and Regional Planning graduates in a range of sectors, including:

  • local, state and federal government departments involved with urban affairs
  • development companies
  • environmental management
  • community development
  • heritage conservation.

Work Integrated Learning

In this course, work-study combinations are encouraged as part of the Faculty of Business, Government & Law's commitment to supporting work integrated learning, which will enhance your employability and ensure you're armed with the right mix of skills and knowledge to take a super-confident leap into your future career.

Course details

Sample study plan


  • Economics for managers
  • Environmental planning and assessment
  • Environmental and planning law
  • Foundations of urban and regional planning
  • Contemporary planning issues
  • Research methods
  • Statistical analysis and decision making
  • Urban design and place making


  • Planning report
  • Infrastructure planning and delivery
  • Restricted choice units x 6

Course specific

Students must have a degree in any field or equivalent as approved by the University.


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