Graduate Certificate in International Development

Make a difference on a global scale

Keen to get in touch with your humanitarian side? This interdisciplinary course will introduce you to the theory and practice of development on a global level and allow you to consider an ethical approach that considers social, cultural and environmental factors.

You'll cover important topics like the issues of gender, poverty and empowerment, the history and politics of developmental theory and you'll learn how to design and evaluate an international project. Your future career could be working in the public development sector, for multinational organisations or as a project manager or consultant for companies like the Australian Red Cross or World Vision. What a way to make a difference.

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Domestic students and International students

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0.5 years

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Career Outcomes

Study a Graduate Certificate in International Development at UC and you will:

  • develop the skills to critically engage with contemporary theories as well as practices in development studies
  • understand changes in development theory and trends in practice as they apply to local and global development processes
  • gain the skills to reflect on your own practice and to articulate an ethical approach to international development that considers social, cultural and environmental factors.

Career Opportunities

A range of career opportunities exist for graduates in the international humanitarian and development aid sector, including:

  • international consultant, in the areas of human rights, gender, poverty reduction and project evaluation
  • international project manager for companies like the Australian Red Cross and World Vision
  • local, state or federal government employee
  • community development educator.

Work Integrated Learning

Work-integrated learning (WIL) is learning first-hand through real work or work-like experiences. WIL is a key element to enhancing employability in the workplace and is integral to many of our courses. This reinforces our commitment to preparing professional and highly employable graduates with the right mix of skills and knowledge.

Course details

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  • Gender and Development
  • History and Politics of the Theories of Development  
  • Monitoring and Evaluating International Development Project
  • Planning and Designing International Development Projects

Course specific

Students must have an undergraduate degree or equivalent as approved by the University.


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