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Your Future Success is in Your Hands

Taking your career to the next level could be easier than you think.

Whether you’re looking to move up the ladder, change direction or acquire specialist knowledge, a postgrad degree from the University of Canberra can help get you there.

With a range of flexible courses covering health, communications, management, government, technology and education available, you could have a new degree to add to your resume in no time at all.

Grab the future with both hands. Take the next step in your career with UC.

Don't have an undergraduate degree?

The good news is you don’t necessarily have to have an undergraduate degree to apply for postgrad study.

By combining your previous work experience and qualifications, you may be eligible to apply for a postgrad course without a bachelor’s degree.

Entry requirements will differ from course to course, but if you’re considering doing a tertiary degree it’s worth checking to see what you’re eligible for. You’ll find this under ‘Admission Requirements’ on the course page.


The biggest hurdle in pursuing a postgard degree may be the cost involved. But did you know you don’t necessarily have to pay upfront?

If you’ve completed an undergraduate degree you might be familiar with student HELP loans. The great news is these are also available for postgrad.

Rather than pay upfront, FEE-HELP loans let you take out a loan with the Government that you pay off through tax. This can sometimes be much easier than paying for your course upfront.

Some postgraduate degrees also provide Commonwealth Supported Places (CSPs), which means the Government subsidises your course fees. So, it’s worth shopping around to see which degrees provide CSPs as it can save you thousands in the long run.

Why Choose UC

We’re on the rise

Ranked in the world’s top 100 young universities.

The University of Canberra has been named among the world’s top 100 young universities in the prestigious 2017 Times Higher Education (THE) Young University Rankings.

The University is also ranked as 30th in the world for Generation Y universities, or those founded between 1986 and 2000.

Be in demand

UC graduates have higher starting salaries and an 89% graduate employment rate.

Our highly-qualified teachers, and courses with a strong emphasis on work-integrated learning, means our students gain valuable experiences and develop key workplace skills.

That’s why UC graduates have an 89% graduate employment rate and higher starting salaries than the top-performing universities in Australia. (QILT 2018)

Best courses

UC courses are ranked as the best, awarded the top ‘5-star’ ranking from the Good Universities Guide.

According to the Good Universities Guide 2019:

  • UC’s Business and Management study areas are rated 5-stars for graduate starting salary
  • UC’s Nursing study areas are rated 5-stars for learning resources
  • UC’s Health Services and Support study areas rated 5-stars for teaching quality
  • UC’s Computing and Information Systems study areas are rated 5-stars for graduate employment
  • UC’s Communications study areas are rated 5-stars for overall experience and graduate starting salary
  • UC’s Creative Arts study areas are rated 5-stars for graduate employment
  • UC’s Psychology study areas are rated 5-stars for teaching quality and graduate employment.y
  • UC’s Rehabilitation study areas are rated 5-stars for skills development

Get practical

Practical work-based projects in every course.

Work Integrated Learning (WIL) is learning first-hand through real work or work-like experiences. WIL is a key element to enhancing employability in the workplace and is integral to many of our courses. This reinforces our commitment to preparing professional and highly employable graduates with the right mix of skills and knowledge.

Be flexible

Flexible study options that fit your life.

We deliver our courses through a range of modes – online, on campus, flexible, intensive, self-paced - as well as through our Australian and international partners. You choose the place, time and intensity of study to fit your life.

Earn more

Employees in the ACT earn the highest average salaries in Australia.

In an Australian Bureau of Statistics report released in November 2016, ordinary employees in the ACT were found to have the highest average earnings in Australia. With Canberra also being ranked as the city with the highest quality of living worldwide, this makes the ACT an outstanding choice for Australian and international students looking to get ahead in their careers.

Key Dates


On time application closing date for Semester 1

January 4

On time application closing date for Semester 1

It’s always best to get your application in earlier rather than later to avoid missing out.


Sem 1 Orientation Week begins

February 4

Sem 1 Orientation Week begins

Meet other students in your course, find your way around the campus, and get all the information you need for a flying start to the semester.

Important Dates for Applications & Enrolments

Important Dates for Applications & Enrolments

Click below for more important administrative dates relating to applications and enrolments.

Semester, Winter Term, Principle Dates

Semester, Winter Term, Principle Dates

Click below for more important academic calendar dates.

Your future looks great from here.

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