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Canberra ACT

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Sydney Harbour BridgeWhile you study at UC it is important to get "out and about" and explore and experience Australia.

You will discover that there are lots of good things about studying at UC but one of the real advantages of living in Canberra is that you have easy access to travel routes around Australia. From Canberra you can go anywhere you want in Australia relatively cheaply and quickly.

From Canberra you can travel by bus or car to the Australian Alps, pristine beaches on the south coast (where you can swim, surf, scuba dive, fish, or walk along the wilderness coastline), or visit country outback towns.

The Twelve ApostlesYou can spend long weekends exploring the energy, history and culture of Sydney and Melbourne and in your semester break explore the Australian Outback to the Great Barrier Reef or to far western Australia.

On weekends there are plenty of local activities and places of interest to visit. Your time in Canberra will easily be filled with exploring the many national museums and cultural centres and events, visiting the nearby national parks and nature reserves, as well as just discovering the history, culture and natural beauty of Canberra, Australias capital city.

Map of AustraliaDuring the semester you will have plenty of opportunities to make friends with Australian students. You will find that your new "Aussie Mates" will help you experience Australia. They will invite you to their homes, take your on trips and eagerly teach you about "Aussie" culture. Social activities are planned each semester for study abroad and exchange students.

Australia is one of the most spectacular and safest countries in the world and is smothered in gorgeous coastlines, white sand beaches and beautiful countryside.

Whether you go sailing on Sydney Harbour, watch the sun rise over the Coral Sea, whale watch at Byron Bay or just soak up the sun, you will not go home disappointed. For more information visit the Australian Travel and Tourism site

The photos at the top of this page are from (a) the Canberra Tourist Board (Lake Burley Griffin) and (b) 'Adam JWC' (Sydney) 'Graham C' (Bungendore)  and Ruth Ellison (Perisher Blue) available from Wikimedia Commons.