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Deferral Form

You can only defer your studies if you have not yet started your course. If you are a current student who wants to take leave, you will need to apply for intermission.  

Steps to defer

1. Read the guidelines to deferring your offer.

2. Only fill in the section below if you qualify for deferral.

Please read the guidelines BEFORE deferring your offer.

Please note that a deferral is for those who are yet to commence study. If you are a current student wishing to take leave please fill in the Intermission form

Only fill in the section below if you have read the conditions of deferral at University of Canberra and you believe that you qualify for deferral.

Student Id or UAC Id
Given Name(s)
Date of Birth dd/mm/yyyy
Course to Defer
Email (required)

Period deferred to

To defer this offer please click on the Submit this Form button.

  • You will receive a confirmation email once we have received your request.
  • You will receive further confirmation by email once your deferral request has been processed.
  • Admissions will send you a new offer letter prior to course commencement. Please ensure that your contact details remains current.

NOTE: If you defer your course and subsequently wish to change course, you MUST submit a new application do defer your offer.