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International Student Fees

Foundation Studies

Course NameCRICOS CodeDuration2017 Fees - $AU
University of Canberra International Foundation Studies089733E3 terms (12 months)$23,000

Diploma Courses

Course NameCRICOS CodeDuration2017 Fees - $AU
Diploma of Business070210K2 terms (8 months)$17,680
Diploma of Business (Extended)070211J3 terms (12 months)$26,520
Diploma of Business Informatics073953B2 terms (8 months)$17,680
Diploma of Business Informatics (Extended)073954A3 terms (12 months)$26,520
Diploma of Communication062888G2 terms (8 months)$17,680
Diploma of Communication (Extended)062896G3 terms (12 months)$26,520
Diploma of Design 076136M2 terms (8 months)$20,760
Diploma of Design (Extended)090015C3 terms (12 months)$25,020
Diploma of Health090071F3 terms (12 months)$22,280
Diploma of Information Technology070213G2 terms (8 months)$17,680
Diploma of Information Technology (Extended)070212G3 terms (12 months)$26,520
Diploma of Network and Software Engineering090070G3 terms (12 months)$26,000

Specialised Diploma Course

Course NameCRICOS CodeDuration2017 Fees - $AU
Diploma of Science 074935G2 semesters (12 months)$22,280

Pre-Masters Access Program

Course NameCRICOS CodeDuration2017 Fees - $AU
Graduate Certificate in Academic Foundations073955M1 semester (6 months)$9,860

English Language Programs

Course NameCRICOS CodeDuration2017 Fees - $AU
  • General English
  • Pre-access English
  • English for Academic Purposes
  • English for Academic Purposes Plus
  • 089784E
  • 089783F
  • 085575B  
  • 089785D
10 weeks 
(please note: term 1 of the year is 5 weeks in duration and the remainder terms are 10 weeks in duration).
  • $435 per week
  • $4,350 for 10 weeks
  • $2,175 for 5 weeks
Enrolment Fee 
(please note: enrolment fee applies to English ONLY applicants. Package offers of English and other UC and/or UC College courses DOES NOT incur an enrolment fee.

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