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How much does a unit cost? PR/NZ undergraduate and postgraduate

Commonwealth Supported Place

Permanent Resident and New Zealand citizens are eligible for Commonwealth Supported Places (CSP), which means that if you are given a CSP, you do not pay the full fees of an international student. Rather, the Australian Government partially subsidises your fees. Therefore, you pay the same student contribution rates as a citizen. Please note that fees are indexed annually.

You cannot however, use HECS-HELP to defer any or all of this payment. You will need to pay your student contribution amount upfront, in full.

Calculation of your Student Contribution Amount

Working out the cost of a unit involves several variables. If you are a Permanent Resident studying in an undergraduate course and have a Commonwealth Supported Place (previously known as a HECS place), you will need the following information to work out approximately how much each unit will cost:

  1. The applicable Student Contribution Amount Rate (SCA Rate) for the current year of study
  2. The EFTSL (Equivalent Full Time Study Load) value each unit you are studying is and
  3. The Student Contribution Band for each unit.

Click on each of these terms for directions on to how to find the answer.

Calculate your fees

Student Contribution Amount Rates

Each of these Student Contribution Amount Rates are listed at our HECS rates and Miscellaneous Charges website. Be sure to take note of the relevant amount.


You can find the EFTSL value of any unit you are enrolled in by logging into OSIS, clicking on 'Self Enrolment' and clicking on 'Units'. If you are enrolled in that unit, the EFTSL value will be listed under the 'Study Load' column. For a 3 credit point unit, the EFTSL value is generally 0.125. Alternatively, you can calculate the EFTSL value of any given unit by multiplying the units credit points and the course duration (in years), and then dividing by the minimum course credit points. The formula should look like this:

(Number of credit points for that unit x the length of time the course will take to complete, full time) / how many credit points are required to course complete = EFTSL value.

eg. (3 credit points x 3 Years)/72 credit points= 0.125 EFTSL

STUDENT CONTRIBUTION BAND (previously known as a HECS Band).

You can find this information at the HECS rates and Miscellaneous Charges page, or if you are unsure as to which Band your unit falls into, you also can find the Student Contribution Band for each unit by searching for the relevant unit on our Courses and Units Database. This information will be at the top of the unit description page, entitled HECS Band.

How to calculate your Student Contribution Amount

The fee for a unit is then calculated by multiplying the unit EFTSL value by the Student Contribution Band Amount that unit corresponds to (taken from the year you started study).

EFTSL x Band = Student Contribution Amount (how much each unit will cost)

For example, a 3 credit point unit generally has an EFTSL value of 0.125. If this unit is within Student Contribution Band 3 and the student started study in 2006, your calculations should look something like this:

0.125 x $8170 = $1022.00 for this unit (approximately).

You are enrolled in a 72 credit point Bachelor of Arts course. A standard full-time enrolment in this course would consist of 24 credit points per year, made up of 8 units (worth 3 credit points each); one full-time semester would equal 12 credit points, made up of 4 units (worth 3 credit points each).

Let's say in this semester, you are taking 2 units in Band 1 (Humanities etc) and 2 units in Band 2 (Accounting etc) within your course.

Based on the calculation above, if one 3 credit point Band 1 unit costs $577, then 2 x 3 credit point units would equal (2 x $577=) $1154 approximately.  If one 3 credit point Band 2 unit costs $822, then 2 x 3 credit point units would equal (2 x $822=) $1644 approximately. Add these two amounts together ($1154 + $1644 =) to equal $2798. This would be your Student Contribution amount for the semester.

If you decide to defer your full Student Contribution amount by applying for a HECS-HELP loan, the amount you will need to defer is $2798.

This is a fictional example, and the figures are approximates only.

Do I need to pay this amount up-front?

Yes. Your Student Contribution Amount must be paid upfront, in full. As a Permanent Resident, you are eligible for a Commonwealth Supported Place, however you are not eligible to use HECS-HELP to defer any or all of this payment. 

If you have any concerns regarding the calculation of your fees, please call the Student Centre on 1300 301 727.


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