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Choosing Classes at UC

Study Abroad and Exchange Unit Offerings for Inbound Students

Please read through the following information carefully as you select your units. 

Twelve (12) credit points is the normal full time load at UC. All Study Abroad and Exchange students can take between 9 and 12 credit points at UC. Exchange students (those paying tuition to their home university) must take 12 credit points unless given permission by their home university advisor to take only 9 (the minimum allowed by an Australian student visa). Taking more than 12 credit points is not recommended and each additional unit will cost $2125 AUD.

Before applying to UC, please ensure that you can find at least four units & 2 back up units that you would like to study at UC. It is important to choose back up units in case a unit is cancelled or the timetable for your units clash. The units you choose must be offered in the correct semester and you must meet any listed prerequisites (as per your home university transcript uploaded with your application to UC). You should get approval for all 6 classes at your home university to ensure you will still have enough suitable units to take in the case any unexpected changes or timetable clashes. 

Prior to orientation, you will be sent an enrolment guide so that you can enrol in your chosen classes. 

As you will be enrolling yourself into your units, you are not required to provide the UC Study Abroad Office with your unit choices, however, if you have limited flexibility with the units you must take, you are advised to e-mail with your specific requirements before applying. It is expected that at the time of  your application to UC, you have found enough suitable units and have checked their availability using this guide. Please note that unit availability can change or some of the units you wish to take may have clashing timetables. To ensure you are as prepared and aware as possible, you are encouraged to check the availability of your chosen units a few times prior to the start of the semester and the timetable when it becomes available.

Undergraduate students should refrain from requesting units labeled G or PG as these denote post graduate level units which you are not eligible for.

  • Course = Degree field of study
  • Unit = Class/Course/Module
  • S1 = Semester 1 (February – May)
  • WT = Winter Term (June-August – Not Available for Exchange)
  • S2= Semester 2 (August – November)
  • Unit Number= A Unit (Class) has a course number usually 3-4 digits. This number is random and has no significance to the level.

How to Search for Units (classes/modules) at the University of Canberra:

Please note: If you would like to search for a full listing of units available in a degree area, please use the steps listed under the diagram below.

1. Go to

2. Select the Units Search tab

3. Type in a subject area, unit name or specific unit code/number you wish to search for. (You may need to try several synonymous terms if your first search provides no results)

4. For Unit Type select undergraduate unless you are a postgraduate student

5. Select open advanced unit options

6. Choose the Year and Teaching period (semester) you will be studying with us. (Semester 1 or S1= February – June) or (Semester 2 or S2 = August – December)

7. For Location, select University of Canberra (BRUCE) and then hit Search

8. A full list of University of Canberra offerings will now show. Select the unit that interests you for more details and be sure to check for any prerequisite requirements to know if you would be eligible based on your current transcript.

Unit Page Explanation 

How to Search For a List of all Units (classes/modules) in Your Study Area:

1. Go to

2. Select the Courses Search tab

3. Type in the subject area in the first box (You may need to try several synonymous terms if your first search provides no result)

4. For Course Type, choose Undergraduate unless you are a Post Graduate student

5. For Location, choose University of Canberra (Bruce) and hit Search

6. All the related courses/degrees should now show below. Click on any of interest for more information.

7. Within each course/degree page, you can find the class offerings by scrolling down and clicking on expand all under Course Requirements. If you click on Typical Study Plan, this will show you which semesters several of the classes are typically offered in so you can plan accordingly. You can also click on each unit under Course Requirements to check which semester they are available.