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Faculty of Health

Sleep Clinic

Investigations into sleep problems such as snoring and suspected sleep apnea are performed by using a home-based sleep study kit. Sleep and breathing data is collected via recording equipment. The sleep study kits are collected at the Clinic and returned the following day. The advantage of this method of assessment is that you are able to have a more comfortable night by sleeping in your own bed in familiar surroundings rather than a sleep laboratory or hospital environment.

If you are diagnosed with sleep apnea we can commence timely treatment or give you advice about snoring management. Treatments such as changing sleep habits, weight reduction, splints or continuous positive airways pressure (CPAP) are considered. The clinic is staffed by physiotherapists working in partnership with our technicians and sleep physicians.

We have rental plans for CPAP machines and masks so the equipment can be trialed. Additionally, CPAP equipment and accessories are able to be purchased from the Clinic.

Sleep Clinic Staff

The experience and professionalism of our clinicians and team ensure peace of mind for our patients and excellent treatment outcomes.

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