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Dr Petra Bouvain Corporate Social Responsibility and brand value, Digital Marketing, marketing communication, online marketing communication, advertising, website analysis,website, strategic marketing, marketing mistakes, branding, automotive industry, corporate social responsibility, internet, social network marketing,marketing mistakes, ethics in marketing, selling, sales,
Dr Sue Briggs conservation; natural resources; institutions; ecology; native vegetation; laws; regulations; interdisciplinary; policy; science; biodiversity; incentives; catchment management; offsets; threatened species
Professor Colin Butler Global environmental change; climate change and health; global ecosystem change; global inequality; population and development; global "claste" system; sustainability; futures; eco-social interactions; conflict; Buddhism and science; public health; environmental epidemiology; ethics; intergenerational inequality, limits to growth, ethics
Dr Alistair Drake Insect migration; Radar entomology;
Dr Brenda Dyack Ecological economics; natural resource economics; environmental economics; agricultural economics; water policy and economics; Murray-Darling Basin water policy; sustainability policy; Indigenous and Aboriginal economic policy; well being; Canada; Australia.
Dr Fiona Dyer freshwater; eco-hydrology; sediment; nutrients; water quality; rivers; urban wetlands; urban lakes; climate change; water; ecology
Dr Tariq Ezaz molecular genetics, cytogenetics, comparative genomics, sex determination, sex chromosome evolution, reptile genomics, temperature dependent sex determination, TSD, GSD, evolution, gene mapping, chromosome evolution, bioinformatics
Dr Dianne Firth landscape design landscape management Canberra landscapes urban trees landscape heritage
Professor Arthur Georges amphibians, biology, conservation, dragon lizards, ecology, environmental management, environmental statistics, environmental sustainability, evolution, freshwater biodiversity, frogs, lowland grasslands, molecular ecology, reptiles, sex determination, systematics, turtles, wetlands, wildlife, wildlife management
Dr Bernd Gruber ecology, climate change, reptiles, mammals, vertebrates, endangered species, ecological modeling, spatial analysis, population dynamics, sampling design, capture-recapture, GIS, geographic information system, population viability analysis, PVA, reserve site selection, reserve design, habitat model, species distribution
Dr Scott Heyes - Indigenous knowledge systems - Indigenous heritage issues - Participatory design - Indigenous mapping and navigation - Ethnographic research methods - National parks and protected areas - Natural History of the Eastern Canadian Arctic - Nunavik, Arctic Quebec
Professor Jim Hone Conservation; ecology; pest control; wildlife population dynamics; wildlife management
Richard Hu urban design, urban science, urban planning, urban policy
Professor Gary Jones Algal chemistry, water quality, freshwater ecology, urban water, water modelling, water software, ecology, management of toxic cyanobacteria, flow management in working rivers, scientific knowledge management, catchments and climate, ecological modelling, urban water management
Dr Ben Kefford freshwater ecology, ecotoxocology, salinity, pollution, streams and rivers
Dr Habib Khan Sustainability; Triple bottom line reporting; Balanced scorecard and Management Control System; Intangible assets and Eco-tourism
Assoc. Prof Peter Kinnell Soil erosion; Rainfall erosion processes; Soil Loss Prediction
Assoc Prof Mark Lintermans fish;conservation;threatened species;pest fish;aquatic management
Dr Andrew MacKenzie Landscape planning; landscape architecture; urban and suburban social studies; Canberra landscape planning and planning policy; National Capital Authority Suburban development;
Professor Bill Maher Biogeochemical cycling of trace metals,; metalloids and nutrients in aquatic ecosystems; water quality guidelines; analytical chemistry especially speciation measurements in water; sediments and biota
Dr Ken McQueen applied geochemisty; landscape; evolution; geology; mining; history; minerals; resources; regolith
Professor Barbara Norman sustainable cities; coastal planning; urban and regional planning; climate change adaptation; urban governance
Professor Peter O'Brien Murray-Darling Basin; environment; agriculture; vertebrate pests; feral pigs; new rural industries; research management; R&D strategy; introduced animals; collaborative research; Murray-Darling Basin Futures; scenario planning; ESD; research policy; rural research and development; water; rural water
Associate Professor David Pearson Expertise in the economics and marketing of sustainable consumption to develop individual consumer choice. Recent focus is on food security include regional, local and organic food systems.
Dr Jonathan Pickering Climate change; United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change; UNFCCC; Paris Agreement
Dr Sue Powell Ecology; Hydrology; Environmental modelling; water resources; wetlands; GIS
Professor Murray Raff Environmental & Planning Law; Administrative Law; Property Law; Comparative Law; Legal Capacity and Institution Building in States in Transition
Emeritus Professor Brian Roberts Urban Management; Urban Public Policy; international development; National Restructuring Programs and Institutional Capacity Building; Land Management and Administration; Sustainable Development; Urban and Regional Economic Development and Planning; Industrial and Tourism Development; Housing; industrial ecology; industry clusters
Dr Jacki Schirmer environmental conflict; wellbeing; natural resource management; water policy; social impacts; economic impacts; health impacts; agriculture; farming; forestry; fishing; fisheries; national parks; marine parks; conservation volunteering; environmental volunteering; caring for our country; forest policy; water policy; rural policy; land use change
Professor Ross Thompson Freshwater ecology; aquatic sciences; water science; environmental flows; desert ecology; bioassessment; sustainable diversion limit; habitat loss; climate change; restoration ecology; carbon farming; urban water; urban wetlands; invasive fish; food web ecology; community ecology; ecosystem ecology;
Dr Bethaney Turner food security; community gardens;sustainability;social movements; human right to food, food system
Dr Peter Unmack fish; biogeography; conservation; threatened species; invasive species; aquatic management; Murray-Darling Basin
Dr Duanne White Antarctica, ice sheets, geoscience, Greenland, geothermal
Dr Alison Wicks occupational science; occupational therapy; men's shed program; allied health; transdisciplinary research; participation; life stories; sustainable health care; aged care; retirement; community engagement
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