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Gowning & University Academic Dress

Gown Purchase

Buy your gown! For the April 2017 graduation ceremonies, students are required to purchase their academic gown, hood and mortar board. 

There will be no gowns available at Parliament House. Students must purchase and collect their gown before their Graduation ceremony, and bring it with them on the day of their Ceremony.  It would be appreciated if you could arrange to purchase your gown several weeks before your ceremony date, to ensure that you receive the correct size.

UC Shop

Gowns can be purchased and collected from the UC Shop in the Refectory, before the week of your ceremony.  Payment must be made at the time of purchase, and the staff at the shop will assist you in selecting the right size.

Complete gown sets are available for purchase from the UCU shop on 02 6201 5003.  The set includes the gown, hood and the mortar board.  There will not be gowns available for purchase at Parliament House.

3 and 4 year Undergraduate Students$89.95
Diploma Students$109.95
Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, or Masters Students$109.95

These prices are GST inclusive. Please note: if academic regalia is used in the course of employment it is tax deductible

If you are unable to collect your gown before the Ceremony, please contact the UC Shop (on 6201 5003) to make alternate arrangements.  

Online Retailer

To purchase your gown online please go to Gown Town or a similar third party retailer, and ensure to select the correct hood colour for your course (see information below under Academic Dress). Please take into consideration delivery times prior to your graduation ceremony.

Please note that 'Gown Set' is not an authorised online retailer, and we do not suggest purchasing through this company.

Academic Dress

Academic dress for the University consists of a black cloth academic gown, black mortar board and a black hood lined with silk. The colour of the hood lining distinguishes the level of award.

  • Diploma - Black hood with turquoise blue lining
  • Degree of Bachelor (3 and 3.5 years) - Black hood with red lining
  • Degree of Bachelor (4 years) - Black hood with maroon lining
  • Degree of Bachelor (5 and 6 years) - Black hood with pale grey lining
  • Standalone Honours Year – Black hood with maroon lining
  • Graduate Certificate or Diploma - Black hood with gold lining
  • Degree of Master - Royal Blue hood with horizon lining
  • Doctor of Philosophy - Royal Blue gown with gold facings, a black bonnet and a royal blue hood with horizon lining
  • Doctor of the University - Royal Blue gown with gold facings, a black bonnet and a royal blue hood with gold lining

Please note: Candidates who are being awarded a combined degree may only wear the hood lining colour for one of the single degrees being awarded. For example, a student receiving a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Commerce would wear a 3 year hood while a student receiving a Bachelor of Education/Bachelor of Science would wear a 4 year hood. Students will not be permitted to wear the incorrect hood across stage, and the University takes no responsibility for students who choose to purchase their hoods from a third party.

If you are graduating from a Bachelor degree, it is customary to wear the tassel on the left hand side. If you have graduated previously and are graduating from a postgraduate degree, you can wear your tassel on the right hand side.

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