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Late/Reinstatement Fees

Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that your enrolment is correct and complete by the appropriate deadlines. Incomplete enrolment may result in you incurring the following fees:

$60 Late Enrolment/Payment Fee - if you pay your HECS-HELP or Tuition fees late or enrol in your units after the end of week 1. 

You must include the receipt number from your late enrolment fee payment on the unit registration form for the enrolment to be processed. Please note unit withdrawal should be completed online via your MyUC account. This will not incur a late enrolment fee.

$200 Reinstatement Fee - may be charged for an appeal for reinstatement after course cancellation for incomplete enrolment.

The Computer Services Centre may also charge a fee for the reactivation of your MyUC access and retrieval of any information from your MyUC student portal account that has been deleted as a result of your course being terminated.

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