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It is your responsibility to ensure that your enrolment is correct and complete by the appropriate deadlines. Incomplete enrolment may result in late enrolment fees. If your enrolment is still incomplete at the census date your enrolment will be cancelled and you will no longer be a student of UC and will have to re-apply for admission in the future.

You should ensure that your unit registration reflects the units you are actually undertaking for a given teaching period. You will be unable to correct your unit registration after the Census Date. This will result in you not receiving results for unregistered units, receiving fail results for registered units you are not attending, and incurring a HECS-HELP debt or being liable for Tuition fees for registered units you are not attending.

If you attempt to enrol in a unit and it shows as INVALID you must contact the Student Centre. An INVALID unit is not an enrolled unit.

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