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Reasonable Adjustments

Reasonable Adjustment Plans

Students registered with Inclusion & Engagement (I&E) will have a Reasonable Adjustment Plan (RAP) developed outlining the reasonable adjustments needed to allow equal access and participation in their studies. 

A student's RAP is valid for all enrolled units until the validity date stated on the plan. Should there be any changes needed to the RAP, students are encouraged to contact Inclusion & Engagement.

Reasonable Adjustments

A range of reasonable adjustments are available to students depending on their disability/medical condition including:

  • Consideration of attendance requirements
  • Assignment extensions
  • Alternative Exam Arrangements
  • Alternative Formatting
  • Software/Equipment

Each student will receive a receive a reasonable adjustment plan based on their specific needs. Student's should familiarise themselves with the adjustments on their RAP and the information provided below to understand how they can use their adjustments.

Assignment Extensions- For Reasons Related to your Disability/Health Condition

Students with a reasonable adjustment allowing for assignment extensions of 7 or 14 days should apply for an extension in accordance with the procedures documented in the relevant unit outline. The extension period is inclusive of weekends and public holidays. The student is required to attach their Reasonable Adjustment Plan to the extension request. All medical documentation is managed through Inclusion & Engagement for registered students, and no additional documentary evidence is required.

Students are advised to liaise directly with their unit convenor, or approved delegate, although there may be circumstances where Inclusion & Engagement will liaise on behalf of the student.

Additional Extensions or Late Submissions

For extension requests beyond the 7 or 14 day period in the reasonable adjustment plan or late submissions due to unforeseen disability or health-related reasons (e.g. hospitalisation), students should contact their unit convenor with additional medical documentation such as a medical certificate to support a further extension. Students may also seek assistance from I&E in these instances.

In-Class Test (Mid-Semester Exam) Arrangements

If your In-Class test arrangements include a Scribe, Ergonomic Furniture or a Computer, I&E will coordinate your in-class test arrangements. Students must submit an Application for In-Class Test form DOCX, 73.78 KB to at least 10 business days before the date of the test to allow reasonable time to coordinate your arrangements with your Unit Convenor. You will be advised the details of your In-Class test arrangement by email to your student email account.

All other In-Class test arrangements will be organised by Unit Convenors. Please liaise with your unit convenor at least 10 business days in advance to allow reasonable time to coordinate your arrangements.

End of Semester Exam Arrangements 

I&E will work in collaboration with the Timetables & Examinations Office (TEO) to coordinate end of semester exam arrangements. Should any updates be required to your current exam arrangements, please contact our office at least 6 weeks prior to your exams.

Alternate Formats 

Students requiring textbooks and other teaching material in electronic formats are required to submit an Alternate Format Request form PDF, 147.96 KB to or submitted in person. It is recommended that the Alternate Format Request Form is submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the start of your teaching period. 

Notes or Transcripts

Students who require notes or transcripts as adjustments are required to submit the Notes or Transcripts request form DOCX, 131.7 KB prior to the start of the teaching period. The Request Form can be e-mailed to or submitted in person. 

Assistive Technology Room

Computers are available for use in the Assistive Technology (AT) Room, located at the rear of the UC Library; you can access this room using your student ID card if this is part of your RAP. Please be advised that the room will not be available for use during exam periods.

Should you have any computer or printer issues please seek support from Library staff. Use of the computers is in accordance with relevant UC policies and procedures.

Assistive Technology and Supports

I&E provides a range of equipment and software to support students dependent on their specific needs. Please contact our office should you wish to discuss any of the following:

  • Text-to-Speech software
  • Sonocent Audio Notetaker Software
  • AUSLAN interpreters
  • Materials on Coloured Paper
  • Clearview magnifier
  • Voice Recognition Software
  • Screen Reader Software
  • Motorised Scooter
  • Ergonomic Furniture

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