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Frequently Asked Questions

Students may register with Inclusion and Engagement for reasonable adjustments due to the impact of a disability/health condition at any time during their studies. For more information please visit Support for Students with Disability page.

If required, Exam arrangements will be included in your Reasonable Adjustment Plan. This information will be forwarded to the Exams Office. Prior to the beginning of the exam period the Exams Office will contact you, via student email, with details of your exam including a list of your exam arrangements. It is important you read and review this email carefully. Should you have concerns contact the Exams Office.

Exam arrangements need to be finalised by week 8 of semester 1 and 2 to ensure appropriate modifications can be organised for End of Semester Exams.

Once your exam arrangements have been confirmed, The Exams Office will contact you via your student email to inform you of details relating to your exam including room allocation.

If you are ill on the day of an exam it is recommended you do not sit the examination and apply to sit a deferred exam. You will need to provide a medical certificate from a health practitioner stating that you are unwell on the date of the examination. You will need to attach this supporting document to your online application for a deferred exam. Please see the Deferred Exam page for more information. Please take note of the Acceptable Grounds for Approval.

Deferred Examinations are arranged at nominated dates set by the examinations office. You should check with the Student Centre to confirm dates and other details.

Students with a reasonable adjustment allowing for assignment extensions of 7 or 14 days should apply for an extension in accordance with the procedures documented in the relevant unit outline. The extension period is inclusive of weekends and public holidays.

To apply for an assignment extension, students should email their unit convenor to request an extension and attach the following:

Where possible students should apply for an assignment extension 5 working days ahead of the due date.

You are under no obligation to disclose information about your disability unless you feel comfortable doing so. It can be helpful to tell the teaching staff you are registered with Inclusion & Engagement and may need assistance from time to time. This will ensure that teaching staff are aware of your needs and will accommodate you accordingly.

Any modifications for In-Class Tests will be included in you Reasonable Adjustment Plan. Your Unit Convenor is responsible putting in place adjustments, except where a student requires a scribe, use of computer or ergonomic desk. Please contact your Unit Convenor at least 10 working days prior to your test to ensure that your modifications will be provided. If you require a scribe, use of computer or ergonomic desk you will need to submit an In-Class Test Application form to Inclusion and Engagement at least 10 days prior to the test.

Some students registered for adjustments with Inclusion & Engagement have access to the Assistive Technology room. You must place your student card over the swipe pad located outside the door to gain entry. If your card declines access please come in and see us to ensure access is granted.

You need to contact Inclusion & Engagement at least 4 weeks prior to the beginning of semester to arrange alternative formats (which include things like converting textbooks to e-format or having lecture notes scanned in preparation for the semester). This allows us sufficient time to organise this for you. It is your responsibility to purchase any subject material required and find out from your Academic Staff what other resources you may need to complete subjects.

If you are unable to provide materials in advance, we cannot guarantee you will have materials available to you in preparation for the beginning of the semester.

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