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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register with Inclusion & Engagement for adjustments?

Students may register with Inclusion and Engagement for reasonable adjustments due to the impact of a disability/health condition at any time during their studies. To register, students must make an appointment to discuss their needs with an Inclusion Advisor. For more information please see the Registration page.

What do I do about Exam Modifications?

During your appointment with an Inclusion Advisor exam modifications will be discussed and if required will be included in your Reasonable Adjustment Plan. This information will be forwarded to the Exams Office. Prior to the beginning of the exam period the Exams Office will contact you, via student email, with details of your exam including modifications. It is important you read and review this email carefully. Should you have concerns contact the Exams Office directly on 6201 2266.

Exam modifications need to be finalised with I&E within a reasonable timeframe prior to the start of the exam period. This is to ensure appropriate modifications can be organised.

I have not had confirmation from Inclusion & Engagement that my Exam Modifications have been organised.

Once your exam modifications have been confirmed, you do not need to contact Inclusion & Engagement regarding exam modifications.

The Exam Office will contact you via your student email account to inform you of details relating to your exam including room allocation. If you do not receive this email, please contact the Exams Office at or phone (02) 6201 2266.

Any changes to exam modifications need to be finalised with Inclusion and Engagement within a reasonable time frame prior to the start of the exam period. This is to ensure appropriate modifications can be organised.

Be mindful to get to your exam 15mins early, so you are as ready as you can be.

I am sick on the day of my exam, what should I do?

If you are ill on the day of an exam it is recommended you do not sit the examination and apply to sit a deferred exam. You will need to provide a medical certificate from a health practitioner stating that you are unwell on the date of the examination. You will need to attach this supporting document to your online application for a deferred exam. Please see the Deferred Exam page for more information. Please take note of the Acceptable Grounds for Approval.

When will I be able to sit my exam if I am sick and defer the exam?

Deferred Examinations are arranged at nominated dates set by the examinations office. You should check with the Student Centre to confirm dates and other details.

I have a note-taker for my lectures and I am not going to be able to attend for a couple of weeks, do I need to let Inclusion & Engagement know?

YES! If you are sick, receiving medical treatment or are away because of study commitments off campus, we need to know. If your note-taker informs us that you have not been attending and we don't know why, we may stop providing the note-taker service. If you provide us with information about how long you are away, we can ensure that your note-taker still takes notes for you and we will store them at our office for you to collect when you return.

I need an extension for my assignment, what should I do?

You will need to apply for an extension in accordance with the unit outline and attach your Reasonable Adjustment Plan as documentary evidence to support the request for the extension.

For extension requests greater than 7 days you can request a Letter of Recommendation from Inclusion and Engagement to provide to your Unit Convenor. Further supporting documentation will need to be provided, such as a medical certificate clearly stating the time period you have been unfit for study.

The teaching staff have asked me for details of my disability, do I need to tell them?

You are under no obligation to disclose information about your disability unless you feel comfortable doing so. It can be helpful to tell the teaching staff you are registered with Inclusion & Engagement and may need assistance from time to time. This will ensure that teaching staff are aware of your needs and will accommodate you accordingly.

I have an In-Class test for one of my subjects, what should I do about my exam modifications?

Any modifications for In-Class Tests will be included in you Reasonable Adjustment Plan. Your Unit Convenor is responsible putting in place adjustments, except where a student requires a scribe, use of computer or ergonomic desk. Please contact your Unit Convenor at least 10 working days prior to your test to ensure that your modifications will be provided. If you require a scribe, use of computer or ergonomic desk you will need to submit an In-Class Test Application form to Inclusion and Engagement at least 10 days prior to the test.

I would like access to the Inclusion & Engagement’s Assistive Technology Room. How do I go about getting this?

Some students registered for adjustments with Inclusion & Engagement have access to the Assistive Technology room. You must place your student card over the swipe pad located outside the door to gain entry. If your card declines access please come in and see us to ensure access is granted.

I have access to the Assistive Technology Room, but every time I want to use it, the machines are taken. How can I ensure that I will be able to use the computer when I need it?

You need to make sure you book a time that suits you using the PC Lab booking folder on the entry door. Remember, you can only book for 2 hours at a time. In order to protect your health we require that you take at least a 30 minute break every 2 hours. You may then rebook for another 2 hours. We encourage you to leave the lab for your 30 minute break, get some exercise, fresh air and relax your muscles.

NOTE: Students utilising assistive technology software on the computers will have priority of access regarding the 2 bookable PC's in the lab. Please ensure you do not book these machines regularly if you are not a student utilising the assitive technology software available.

I am having trouble accessing a building, which I have lectures and tutorials in. What should I do?

Make an appointment to see the Inclusion Advisor to discuss your concerns and negotiate a change of room. For more information about access on campus, check out our Campus Access page.

I need alternative formats for lecture/tutorial material. How do I go about getting this?

You need to contact Inclusion & Engagement at least 4 weeks prior to the beginning of semester to arrange alternative formats (which include things like converting textbooks to e-format or having lecture notes scanned in preparation for the semester). This allows us sufficient time to organise this for you. It is your responsibility to purchase any subject material required and find out from your Academic Staff what other resources you may need to complete subjects.

If you are unable to provide materials in advance, we cannot guarantee you will have materials available to you in preparation for the beginning of the semester.

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