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Students with Young Children

Canberra is considered one of the best places for family services and children education.

  • Childcare & pre-school: The University offers campus based childcare and pre-school service for the community and students of the University of Canberra. Further information about the service can be found here If you wish to find a service that is closer to your place, the Childcare Finder tool can be handy.
  • Parent room: As part of the innovative one-stop shop Student Central, we now offer a parent room with nappy changing bench, children's toilet and wash basin at room 1B23A near the concourse.
  • Schools: Canberra’s school system is recognised as the best in Australia. ACT Government schools and Independent schools offer high quality learning in modern, well-equipped and supportive environments.

Students enjoy a balanced education with opportunities for intellectual, sporting and cultural development. Schools also cater for the diverse needs of a multicultural student population, including intensive English language tuition.

Canberra schools are designed to complement our city’s bush surroundings and are located on extensive grounds, incorporating playing fields and recreational facilities.

Education in state schools is free for Australian citizens and permanent residents. Non state schools are generally fee paying. As an International student you need to pay International fees for your child’s education in public schools. For more information on the enrolment process, please visit the ACT Department of Education and Training International Students Enrolment page.

Children’s education in the ACT is currently organised as follows:

  Year(s) Age(s)  
Pre-School   4  
Primary School Kindergarten- year 6 5-12 COMPULSORY
High School 7-10 12-16 COMPULSORY
College 11-12 16-18 COMPULSORY

The school year runs from late January/ early February to December.

If you have kids at school age, you may contact the closest public school in your suburb to enrol your kids to school.

A full list of government schools with their contact addresses is available from the ACT Department of Education and Training website.

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